January 31, 2018

Do you want to know why your 2 Day Old Baby Crying a Lot?

Is your 2 day old baby crying a lot? Do you need to be worried about such behavior from your young kid? According to approved research, the extent to which your little bundle of joy cries increases directly proportional to her developmental pattern.

At the age of two months, crying is at its most. This is the period when you may hate being a parent. But even when she is just 2 days old, she might be crying a lot as well. Is your 2 day old baby crying a lot? This can sometimes make life difficult for most parents.

At times you even wonder why you were so excited about expecting a baby in the first place. When you feel as if you are getting to desperation and frustration, here are some of the reasons why your bundle of joy could be causing you so much fuss and how to handle the whole issue.


Reasons why a 2 Day Old Baby Cries a Lot

If you are a parent of a colic baby, these are the main reasons why your baby is causing so much fuss and depriving you sleep, relaxing time and even worse, peace of mind.

  • Baby feeling hungry

Probably you have delayed feeding your little one. However tiny her stomach is, she still needs constant feeding. This is so because babies take in little amounts of food per feeding. This is the same reason why you should feed her frequently to ensure that hunger will not be the reason why the baby’s disturbing cry will disrupt your peace.

  • Sickness

The only way your baby can communicate that she is not feeling well is by crying. In the case of sickness, the cry will sound different. Probably weaker, high pitched or quite urgent. After spending time with your baby, you will have noticed these minor details that speak volumes about your baby’s well-being.

Do not assume that every sick baby must cry to inform you that she is sick. Other children may also become so quiet and dull as compared to when they are healthy. This could also indicate that your baby is unwell.

  • The need to burp

If you notice that your baby cries after feeding, probably all she wants is a simple burp. During suckling, your little one will take in the air which gets to the tummy. Allow some tummy time after every feed, and your baby will let out a burp which will leave her at ease.

  • Need for attention and cuddling

This may not seem to be a valid reason, but trust me; at times your baby will want you to hold her. That simple act that enhances physical contact will give your baby some added comfort. You can also sing some soothing songs to her during the period when you will be holding your baby to give some added comfort and to reassure her that you care about her.

  • Expressing need for some rest

During the first days after ushering your baby into this world, you will certainly get many visitors who will want to hold her. All that attention from the visitors will deprive your little one of her sleep. If this is the case, you will have to be a little harsh to the visitors by taking away your little, tired bundle of joy to a quiet room where she can sleep and get adequate rest.

  • Extreme temperatures

If you want to know whether the reason why your 2 day old baby is crying is because she feels either too hot or too cold, feel the baby’s tummy. Feeling the hands and legs could misguide you since it is only normal for them to feel cold.

However much you desire to keep your little one warm throughout the night, you still should not overdress her. The most appropriate dressing for a baby during nap time is just a single extra layer of clothing on top of what you will use to cover her in bed.

This way, you can be sure that your baby will be comfortable enough. Keep the room temperature at 18 degrees Celsius. Make use of cellular blankets and sheets to keep your baby warm.

If her tummy feels too hot, simply remove one blanket from her bedding and if it feels cold, adding a blanket will solve the crisis. Sooth your baby back to sleep and you will be sure of her comfort.

  • Need for a diaper change

Dirt is an enemy of all people. A little dirt is likely to cause too much discomfort. If your little angel has either a soiled or a wet diaper, she will express discomfort by crying. There are children who seem to detest having their diaper changed. This could be because they hate the sudden and strange feeling of cold air on their skins.

If this is the exact case with your baby, with time, she will get used to it and realize that a nappy or diaper change is meant to bring comfort. This may not take more than two weeks. You can opt to offer a distraction to your baby to ease the discomfort during the diaper change using a comforting song or their favorite toy.

If the reason why your baby is crying is simply because she needs a nappy change, just do it, and you will have a happy baby?


Having a 2 day old baby crying a lot is very heartbreaking to parents. There could be several reasons why your little pumpkin is causing so much fuss, and that is why you need to be very cautious by watching her closely. This will help you learn her cues in different situations.

If the crying gets persistent and is probably accompanied by fever, constipation, breathing difficulties, or vomiting, you need to call a pediatrician to get some advice on the best action to take at the moment.

Leave a comment on the article. You can share your experience with a 2 day old baby who cries a lot, the cause, as well as the remedy that brought peace to you and your angelic baby.

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