December 12, 2017

How to Make a 5 Month Old Baby Sleep

Having a baby who stays up for the most part of the night makes it hectic for the mum and the long hours without sleep are unhealthy for the baby. Normally, a 5 months old baby should have a total of 15 hours of sleep, which is inclusive of the day time naps and the nighttime sleep. Have you ever asked yourself how you can get your 5 month old baby to sleep for all those hours without any struggles?

This article will guide you and equip you with some skills to make your 5 month old baby sleep the way you want. Every parent should have some skills and ideas to make this a reality because it is something very important to the baby. A baby that sleeps for the recommended number of hours grows up to be a healthy one.

Read on and get to learn the facts that will help you with the baby sleep puzzle.


Important Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep at a Glance and for Longer

The innocent babies at 5 months barely know the difference between day and night. They also don’t know that failing to sleep at night is almost unforgivable since they will subject you to being a caffeine addict.

This is because of the many hours you will take trying to keep up with the long hours of having to stay awake. However much your baby barely knows how to stay awake, you can still remedy the situation and get her to get tones of sleep

  • Develop a sleep routine that is consistent

An evening ritual that will get your baby to get a good nighttime sleep is ideal. This will make your baby get used to the routine and every time you perform that particular routine, your baby will certainly get into a deep slumber. The evening ritual could be some soft music, a warm bath, a sweet nighttime story or having dim light in your baby’s nursery.

  • Lay your baby to sleep once drowsy

Once you notice that your baby is drowsy, instead of holding her in your arms until the baby falls asleep, put her down at the drowsy stage. This will help your baby to learn how to fall asleep all by herself.

It will also enable your baby to take longer naps. If your baby falls asleep in your arms and then in the process of completing her 40 minutes nap finds out that she is no longer snuggly cuddles in mama’s cozy arms, the baby will be upset and confused. This will cause her not to drift back to sleep again, but instead give a loud cry that will wake you from your sweet sleep.

  • Follow the baby’s cues

The more you spend time with your baby, the more you get to learn her cues. To make parenting of your 5 month old infant simple, it would be far much better if you followed your baby’s schedule rather than making your own schedule for your baby.

Learning the baby’s cues is very easy since her schedule involves only three activities: feeding, playing and tons of sleep. In most cases, they follow that particular order. You will always notice when your baby is sleepy since she will be either yawning or rubbing her eyes or doing both. Immediately you notice such signs; you can always plan your schedule, as well as your pumpkin’s schedule around that.

  • Create some white noise sounds to get your baby to sleep

For me to get some good sleep, the only sound that soothes me to deep sleep is good to slow music. For your baby, this might not work, but you can still create some white noise sound which will soothe your baby to sleep. The purpose of this white noise sound is to create a gentle hum to lure your baby to fall asleep and also to mask all other sounds.

Always remember that any slight sound you make can cause your baby to wake up, including the simple switch of sleep. To create some appealing white noise sounds, you can purchase a white noise machine, or download some white noise MP3s which sound more like the sound produced by a hairdryer.

A fan is also another great source of white noise sounds, but you can only use it in your baby’s nursery when it is quite warm, especially during the day.

  • Do not rush into feeding baby on solids

To make your 5 month old baby sleep effortlessly, you need to handle solid foods with care. There is always this notion that if someone is extra full, she will have a great night’s sleep. This is the same thought that some parents have. In normal cases, solid food should be introduced to a baby at the age of 6 months. It is at this time when her digestive system will be well adapted to digest such foods.

Feeding your child on solids too early is likely to cause your baby to suffer from gastrointestinal complications, food allergies and also hinder proper sleep for your angelic baby. Never has introducing solid foods to your baby at an early stage been associated with good sleep.

  • Don’t always assume that your baby is hungry upon every stir

It is every mother’s nature to be concerned about a baby’s safety and well-being. For that reason, there is a high probability that every time your baby turns after a short period, say 40 minutes due to their short sleep cycles; you will always be alert.

If that happens, do not get to her bedside right away. Wait for some time for the baby to settle down and fall asleep once more. If she starts getting restless, other than nursing or offering the milk bottle to your baby, try soothing her back to sleep using other means such as singing to her softly or rubbing her belly or back.

  • Train your baby to sleep without her favorite pacifier

Most of the time, the pacifier becomes your baby’s companion to the time she gets to sleep. This makes the pacifier a great deal to get your baby to sleep and also to keep her awake. The worst bit comes when the pacifier falls off the baby’s mouth often. However deep asleep baby will be, that will wake her up.

At the age of 5 months, the baby will not have mastered the motor skills to get the pacifier back to her mouth. This means that you will get as many nighttime cries as the number of times the pacifier falls off from the baby’s mouth. Train your baby not to be dependent on the pacifier for her to fall asleep.

In a worst-case scenario where the baby is already used to it, deprive her off the pacifier and let the baby cry it out. You will have to listen to the pitiful cry before she gets used to sleeping without the dear pacifier. After the few days, your baby will fall asleep independent of the pacifier and you will no longer hear distressing cries calling you to return the pacifier into baby’s mouth.

  • Cease to feed the baby at night

Nursing a baby is probably one of the easiest ways that I know of to get your baby to sleep. At the age when your baby barely differentiates day from night, she will not realize that night time is meant for sleep. If every time your baby wakes up in the night you have to breastfeed her; you will end up feeling like an all-time night-time diner.

You can put that to an end by reducing the number of times you feed your baby at night a step at a time. You can wait for approval to cease the nighttime feedings from your pediatrician. Lay your baby to sleep when she gets drowsy but is still awake.

Stay close by and keep checking on the baby after some time, say three minutes. You will be surprised at how fast she will get to sleep without the need for nursing.

  • Make a deal with the baby’s siblings

At times, the bond between your newborn and her siblings could be very strong. The strong bond could make them always want to be by the baby’s side and every time your elder baby hears a sniffle from the newborn, she is likely to run to baby’s bedside to check her out, probably so that they can play or maybe to check whether the baby is alright.

If this is the case, warn your elder baby from going to the baby’s bedside when she is asleep. When both of them wake up at night, be ready for a whole lot of work. Make the elder child fall asleep first, then focus on getting your 5 month old baby to sleep.

  • A little help would be appreciated

There were times when everyone in the neighborhood was eager about a new baby in one of the homesteads. Not only the neighbors but also members of the family, including those who live a little far. There was always someone coming to check on the baby and the mum, to see whether they are okay, or whether they need some help.

Gone are those days when unity was a thing. Life has become so hectic and phones have become the only way of keeping in touch. Despite the daily hustle and buzzle of life, you can consider asking for help in diaper duty from your partner, family members or a friend. Even when attending to other tasks, they can help you take care of your baby’s sleeping schedule.

Guidelines for a Safe Baby’s Sleep

It has never been so easy to determine the acceptable, right and safe sleeping tips for infants. Luckily, there are some approved guidelines to ensure that your baby gets to sleep safely. These will minimize the probability of any harm befalling her, thanks to the Canadian Pediatric Society. Here are the important tips you should put into consideration:

  • Never leave your infant to sleep on her back in her crib. This reduces the probability of your baby getting chocked in her sleep.
  • Refrain from placing your infant on any loose bedding, pillows, soft material, air mattresses or waterbeds more so if you are not available to supervise your baby. She could accidentally suffocate.
  • Never let your baby sleep on a makeshift bed, whether it is the cushioned chair, a couch or a recliner. These ones also put your child at the risk of suffocating.
  • While traveling, stick to the cribs, rather than the infant seat carriers and car seats for your infant. The harness straps could accidentally obstruct the upper airway causing your baby to suffocate.
  • Keep your baby’s environment free of any kind of smoke.


From the article, I hope that you have learned the easiest tips that will make your 5 month old baby sleep comfortably. If you were at a loss on what to do or if you were already growing weary of wading through countless books on baby sleep, following the clearly illustrated points, you can bring your baby to sleep with no much fuss.

It could be really challenging, and at times you may feel like taking the easier way out but remember that the easier way out will cost you your sleep in the course of the night. Train your 5 month old baby to sleep in the right way, and both you and your baby will have it smooth.

Leave a comment on the article and let us know the best and effortless way you have trained your 5 month old baby to be sleeping. There is a whole lot of people who are eager to learn from you. Also, be willing to read other people’s comments as you will have learned something new that will take you a long way in parenting your infant.

Never forget that every day dawning day is a learning day. In case you feel the need to make an inquiry, feel free and I will respond as soon as I can.

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