January 17, 2018

How to Use a Baby Carrier Facing Out Position Safely

Carrying a baby is one petty issue, but it has been widely debated on. Carrying the baby while facing out seems to be the most controversial position. People have varying opinions on the baby carrier facing out positions. This is the position in which your baby will be facing the world instead of facing you when you are carrying her.

We have received several questions on whether a “baby carrier facing out” position is ideal. The third inquiry made us realize that it’s an issue that is weighing down on many parents, probably from the prejudices they receive. Read on and get to learn the facts.


Advantages Associated with Having a Baby Carrier Facing Out

When we were young, we enjoyed watching the world and all the new and thrilling things it had to offer. I bet your baby will also enjoy seeing the world. At an older age, your baby will be ready to experience a new environment and enjoy what it has to offer. This is when compared to when she was just used to sleeping and snuggling in the house.

She will have the ideal motor condition, and that’s the reason why you would wish to satisfy her curiosity by carrying her in that position to allow greater visibility. It does not matter whether you have one child or twins. Carrying your babies in this position is still possible even when you have twins; you simply need to acquire the best twin baby carrier that will allow you to carry them in such a baby carrier facing out position.

You can also use this as an alternative position when your arms get tired. Just make sure that you hold your baby/twins in a way that you can offer support to her frail body parts. Also, be keen to notice any body cues that would indicate that your baby is experiencing discomfort.

Is the Forward Facing Position Safe for the Baby?

In my opinion, it may simply seem to be just a way to carry your baby, but in the real sense, it causes more harm than good to your child in the long run. Babies are very delicate beings, and that’s why you need to look out for the best of their needs.

Here are some of the solid reasons why you need to keep off from the baby carrier facing out.

  • You will find it tough to carry your baby

I bet you do agree with me on the fact that carrying something that curves away from you is very difficult. With a front-facing baby carrier, you will experience too much discomfort. Probably more discomfort than you can withstand.

If you decide to go ahead and let your baby stay in that position, you will alter your body by arching your back. Naturally, your baby’s body is well modified to be carried while facing you.

  • Puts your child at the risk of overstimulation

Every day as you take a walk, there are so many things you will see. Some of them could be so bad that they overwhelm you. As an adult, you can easily process the undesirable things you see. If you place your little angelic being facing outside, you can barely control what she can see.

The events could become rather overwhelming for your baby hence causing overstimulation. It is always good that you allow your baby to take in things little by little, step by step. Carrying your baby as she faces your chest will shield her from all the undesirable things that make her vulnerable.

  • Compromises your baby’s spine

As you carry your baby facing forward, her back is placed in an arched position. This means that she will be unstable. The unstable position will be attained in a bid to gain some stability. A little arching of the back probably as the baby attempts to stretch out is right. It only gets dangerous when the baby’s arched back is compressed under a heavy load.

When you carry your baby facing out, all of her weight and all the force you exert with every single step you take will be supported by the infant’s weak pelvis causing it to tilt inwards.

  • Hinders effective response to your baby’s cues

Your little pumpkin can barely express herself using words. During the infancy stage, you have to constantly keep watching her so that you can understand her cues and respond to them effectively. Having your baby carrier facing out will hinder eye contact thus making it harder for you to communicate with your baby.

  • Offers no support for your baby’s legs

If you want to know that you have carried your baby in the right way, her upper part of the legs should be pulled up to the hip level. For this to be possible, her legs should be covered up to the thighs and the rear of the knees. Carrying your baby as she faces forward offers no support to her legs which will be dangling.

  • Front facing carriers expose your baby’s groin to unnecessary pressure

Having your baby suspended by her most sensitive parts of the body is undisputedly wrong. You may think that she is comfortable now that the baby gets to lean on your chest but it is no fun. I am certain that you would also not desire to spend a bigger part of the day suspended in that way.

  • Makes breastfeeding impossible

This is evident and obvious. Also, your baby is facing away from you. There is no way you can read her cues to know if she is hungry.

  • Prevents your baby from sleeping comfortably

Sleep forms a major part of a baby’s daily schedule. Carrying your baby as he or she faces outside will keep him from getting a good nap. Having a baby carrier that allows your baby to sleep as he or she faces you is quite important as it will provide a great spread for a long period of time. This will allow your baby to sleep well and get enough rest after some good play time.

  • Hinders proper blood circulation in baby’s legs

Having the legs dangling for so long makes me very uncomfortable. At times it gets to a point where I feel as if I can barely walk. This happens due to a cut off of blood circulation. Trust me; having your baby on a baby carrier facing out will subject your baby to the same.

For a baby, the time taken for the discomfort due to suspension to set it will be very less, say 5 minutes at least and probably 20 minutes at most. The discomfort caused is almost unbearable.

Important Tips to Consider for Baby Carriers Facing Out

If you feel that a forward facing baby wear is suitable for your baby, probably during certain occasions, keep these in mind:

  • The right age when you should consider using a baby carrier is when your baby has steady head control. This will be at around 4-6 months.
  • When your baby no longer shows signs of distress. At this time, your baby can bear to face away from you for a considerable amount of time and cause no fuss.
  • If you have an abdomen that does not appear round, you won't suffer a great deal when carrying your baby facing out.
  • A healthy back comes in handy. Using a baby carrier which leaves your baby facing out will make your back arch. Only if you have a healthy back will you be comfortable with that.
  • Have a carrier that offers adequate support to the upper legs, hips and the rear part of the knees. This is enough assurance that your baby’s legs will not be dangling.


Baby carrier facing out has been a way of carrying babies that seems quite trendy. At one time or another, you may have been tempted to try it out, or probably you have ever tried it out. Your baby may have had quite a reaction once you did that. It could have been a positive or negative reaction.

Whichever the case, I would not recommend carrying a baby as she faces away from the parent. During infancy, this is the best time to do tons of bonding and to enhance proper growth and development of your baby by shielding her from the undesirable facts in the world.

The baby carrier facing out position puts your child at the risk of having her spine deformed which will be a fault that will last until your baby is bigger. The discomfort caused is also unimaginable and unbearable for your little pumpkin. Keep your baby safer and closer to you.

Feel free to leave a comment on the article as you tell us your thoughts or experience on using the baby carrier facing out position.

Take your time also to read the comments of other parents on the same and share it out with other parents. You will have helped in ending the misery of many children. Where you need clarification, feel free to make an inquiry, and I will offer assistance as soon as I can.

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