March 1, 2018

Is your Baby Crying for No Reason? Here is what you need to know

Parenting is difficult, but when you have a baby crying for no reason, it gets even worse. You will get angry and even hurt as you will feel inefficient as a parent. Your little angel relies on you for everything. There could be times when you work so much to ensure that you provide all that she needs that you barely know what to do once your baby starts crying.

Read on and get to know the most probable reasons why your baby may seem to be crying for no reason as well as the best way you to handle such a situation.


Reasons Why Your Baby May be Crying

Even when your baby seems to be crying for apparently no reason, crying is her only way of communicating. There will certainly be some discomfort that your little one could be trying to inform you about by crying. Here are some of the reasons why she is likely to cry:

  • Hunger  

Over time, I have learnt that newly born infants feed on demand. Hunger is one of the common reasons that could be making your baby seem to cry for no reason. Your baby’s tummy is rather small thus it can barely hold a lot of food. This means that you need to feed her consistently. Even if she does not stop crying immediately, keep feeding her until the baby is full.

  • Need for rest or sleep  

Babies get a lot of attention especially when they are newborns. The constant exchanging of hands will also make them really tired. When your little one cries after such an experience, it’s probably a way of saying that she has had enough.  

Presence of so many visitors could also make it extremely hard for your baby to get a nap. You will have to take her to a quiet room, calm her down and allow her to get some rest by sleeping.

  • Need for a diaper change 

Having dirt clinging to the body is not everyone’s cup of tea. If your baby’s diaper is either wet or soiled, she will certainly protest. There are also those babies who are not bothered unless they feel some irritation on their skin. If this is your case, a quick diaper change will certainly do your little munchkin justice and restore the peace.

  • Need for medical attention 

When your baby is feeling unwell, she will cry. You will notice that the tone is rather different; it may be high pitched or weaker and more constant. There could also be a time when your baby is crying less, unlike other days when she is used to crying too much. That is also an indicator that your baby is unwell.

  • Irritating temperatures 

Irritating temperatures could be when your baby feels either too hot or too cold. For instance, as you change your baby’s diapers or clean her bottom using a cold wipe, expect some protest due to the chilly feeling. Your newborn will want to be always kept warm.

Make sure that you maintain the cloth layers to be above what you wear by one layer. Your little one is less likely to protest about being too warm compared to when she is feeling too cold.

  • Need to be held 

Every newborn will need tons of cuddling and physical contact with her parent. This will be probably in a bid to seek comfort and reassurance. It could be that your baby is crying simply because she needs to be held. It could be your smell, heartbeat or warmth that gives her comfort. To increase the time you two are in contact, try out baby wearing.

  • The baby just feels like crying 

Most people hate this bit. Before your baby gets to four months, there may be certain times when your baby cries a lot, probably late in the afternoon or in the evening. It could be perfectly normal, and there is nothing wrong with her. She could just be crying because she feels like and not because something is wrong somewhere. 

Best Soothing Tips for a Crying Baby

  • Gently rock your baby 

Rocking gives a soothing effect to most babies, and most of them certainly love it. Rock your baby in a baby swing, a rocking chair, as you walk around or better; you two can take a ride in your car or a walk while she is in the pushchair. The rocking motion will bring about a soothing effect that will bring back the tranquility needed to stop your baby from crying. 

  • Try a warm bath  

Give your baby a warm bath as it may work wonders by helping your baby to calm down. The right water temperature for your baby should range around 37 degrees Celsius and not more than 38 degrees Celsius. A thermometer would serve you just right, but if you don’t have one, your elbow will serve you right.

Dip your elbow into the water, and if the water feels right for your elbow, then it is right for your baby. There are also babies who don’t like being in the water. Get to learn what your baby likes and dislikes and this way you will not get her crying more.

  • Give the Baby Something to Suck on 

There are babies who love sucking on something to get a soothing feeling. If you are a breastfeeding mum, allow your little one to suckle her way to comfort. Also, there are other alternatives such as offering a dummy breast.

There are those who say that allowing your baby to suck on your clean finger also helps a great deal. If your baby loves suckling, get the safest and most effective option for her.


It is normal to see babies crying, but it gets devastating to have a baby crying for no reason. I hope that from the article, you have learned about the reasons that could be causing your baby too much discomfort to make her cry as well as the right way to deal with such situations.

In most cases, the crying could just be a phase that will come to pass as your baby grows and learns how to communicate in a better way. Just sooth your baby right and all will be well.

Kindly leave a comment on the article and share with us some ways you used to sooth your crying baby. Let us know how you have been diagnosing what could be making your baby cry and how you always deal with a crying baby.

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