December 16, 2017

Who else wants to know the best Baby Food Recipes to Gain Weight?

Having a healthy baby is the desire of every other parent. Other than sleeplessness and lots of crying for no good reason, weight is another issue that most children and their parents have to deal with. Before your child attains 6 months, you can only feed her on nothing else but breast milk.

However tempted you could be to feed your baby on other foods and drinks in a bid to get her to add some weight, you should refrain from doing that. From six months, be free to feed your baby on other different drinks and foods.

If your baby seems malnourished, thin and seeming sickly and you are struggling with getting your baby to gain some weight, here are some baby food recipes to gain weight.


Best Foods to Aid in Weight Gain for Kids

Below is a detailed list of the foods you can count on to ensure that your baby gains proper weight and has healthy growth and development.

  • Breast milk

Breast milk is the only meal that will get your baby to gain weight if she is under 6 months. You need not listen to any advice from anyone who tells you that you need to feed your infant who is less than 6 months old on anything else other than breast milk.

Put in mind that their digestive system has not formed fully to digest other foods. Breast milk is what I can call a superfood for your infant. It will fulfill all the nutrients your baby needs for proper growth and development. Keep feeding your baby on breastmilk.

  • Flavored smoothies or yogurt

Most kids do not like non-flavored foodstuff. This explains why you should not be upset when your baby is not thrilled about normal yogurt. Extend to her a favor by whipping up a flavored one. All you need is a blender and some fruits to add to your yogurt.

Smoothies will work perfectly for your baby especially if she is a fussy eater. It will provide your baby with nutrients and calories which will cause the baby to gain weight.

  • Dairy butter

Butter is rich in fat content and that is the reason why I recommend it for thin kids. Giving the right quantities of dairy butter will get your baby to gain the desirable weight. This means that you should not add heaps of it to every food that your baby eats.

About the prevailing prejudices about butter, I would want to assure you that butter is not always bad. Make sure that you get the right and reputable brand of butter. It will work wonders.

  • Milk and Cream

Milk has always been the best natural source of protein. Make sure that every day your baby gets at least two glasses of milk. It must not be pure milk. Milkshakes, cereals and smoothies are allowed too. They are actually a great way to entice your little pumpkin to get her daily 2 glasses of milk.

You can also add some fresh cream to the baby’s fruit salad and cereal in the day. Proteins are bodybuilding foods. This is enough assurance that at the end of it all, your baby will have gained significant weight.

  • Chicken

Chicken is another source of proteins which plays a very important role in the building of muscles. Chicken offers white meat which is healthy if consumed in moderation and also offers you versatility with the recipes. It is also cheaper and readily available compared to other types of meat.

Add to your chicken some rice, stews and work with different ingredients and make a great meal for your little angel.

  • Avocadoes

A growing child needs plenty of fats and calories, and avocados have plenty of those. I would say that they are the healthiest choice when it comes to the fatty foods. To make the avocadoes enticing for your baby, you can make some dips and spreads from the ripe avocado pulp.

  • Potatoes

If you are trying to get your little pumpkin to gain weight, you need to include at least 40% of carbohydrates in her diet. Potatoes provide a great source of carbohydrates. They have amino acids such as glutamine and arginine which make the potatoes a great deal when it comes to issues about your baby gaining weight.

Some potato recipes that you can use as a variety for your baby are. French fries, potato mash, and potato cheese mash.

  • Tropical fruits

Including fruits and vegetables in the diet is mandatory. You should make this the same case to your baby. Add some steamed veggies to her diet as well as a good assortment of fruits such as pineapples and papayas. Make it a habit of making some fruit salad for your toddler every afternoon and some fresh fruit juice which can be part of baby’s breakfast.

  • Nuts

The high oil content in nuts makes them ideal for weight gain in kids. To illustrate the high oil content, you should know that in every quarter cup of dry-roasted nuts, there are 200 calories. This is a good amount that will see to it that your baby gains weight that cannot be dismissed. Add some mixed grounded nuts to your baby’s porridge and milkshakes to increase the rate at which your baby gains the calories from the nuts.

  • Rice

Rice is also another ideal source of carbohydrates. It has 75 percent of carbohydrates. If you are trying to make your baby gain weight at a faster rate, make sure that you feed her with a good amount of rice frequently. Rice also contains other components such as iron, minerals and vitamin B which are very crucial to the growth and development of your baby.

  • Eggs

Eggs are a great source of proteins which will play a major role in helping your baby gain weight. Eggs, next to milk are the best-known bodybuilding foods. Make some omelet and scrambled eggs to be sure that your baby gets to eat the yolk.

  • Sweet potatoes

Probably you like sweet potatoes due to their nutritional benefits, but your baby will love them because of their sweet taste. Sweet potato grants you the versatility in terms of the recipes. You can make fries from it, or you can offer it while diced or mashed. You can also add some extra calories by adding some butter as you mash the sweet potatoes.

  • Salmon

Seafood is an all-time favorite meal for most of us. This is one reason you will feel the need to have your baby share in the delicacy. Salmon has calories and healthy fats in abundance. Salmon will be easy for your baby to eat since it easily flakes apart. This means that your baby can easily feed herself.

  • Pancakes and waffles

I love pancakes. These are very easy to make in your kitchen. You can easily add tons of calories with the ingredients you choose to add. I would say that you are spoilt for choice. Blend in some chia seeds, oat bran and flax seeds to give your pancakes and waffles a calorie boost.

Important Additional Tips

  • Always plan ahead regarding your baby’s diet. I know this is rather boring and quite a task. Just pick out a day and dedicate quality time to that task. Identify the meals and snacks you will want your baby to have as well as the exact times you will have to feed the baby. This way, you will find it easy to identify and get the necessary ingredients before you get to prepare your baby’s meal.
  • Every time you feed your baby, always ask yourself whether she is getting maximum calories from it. This is a step that will help you identify whether the calorie intake is deficient and only then can you remedy the situation.
  • If the need to have your baby gain some weight is really weighing you down, you can add some honey or maple syrup especially if your baby has attained the age of one year. Often add other ingredients which will offer a calorie boost such as butter, cheese and yogurt.
  • If the condition persists and your baby is still not eating well, you need to take your child for a medical check-up. It could be that she is suffering from a problem related to the sensory process in her digestive system.


On any day that your baby seems thin and malnourished, you will never be at peace. You could be trying any means to get your baby to gain weight, but you are yet to see remarkable results. Above is a list of baby food recipes to gain weight that you need to try out. With consistency and patience, you will notice a significant weight gain in your baby within a short period.

Leave a comment on the article letting us know what food you would propose to parents to feed their children on to help their children gain weight. Feel free to make inquiries where you need clarification and an answer you shall get.

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