January 22, 2018

Baby Restless Sleep: What could be the cause of this Behaviour?

For a new parent, handling a baby who does not settle to sleep is among the few stressful situations at the start of the parenting journey. This is the time when the phrase “sleep like a baby” makes no sense at all. We normally assume that all babies enjoy a comfortable and sweet sleep. For some babies, that is normally very far from the truth.

Those infants experiencing baby restless sleep barely enjoy their sleep, and they also do not let anyone in that homestead get their own dosage of sleep. Keep reading to understand the common reasons why your baby has a restless sleep and the solution that will allow your baby to have some restful sleep.


Causes of Sleep Restlessness in Babies

Naturally, babies are restless sleepers. Listed below are among some of the most common factors that will cause your baby to experience restlessness during her naps:

  • Feeding habits

Newborn babies should have a feeding session after every three to four hours around the clock. This means that you will hear frequent cries when feeding time comes. This implies that it is inevitable for your bundle of joy to miss experiencing baby restless sleep. This is because she will have to be fed in after every three to four hours even at night.

  • Diaper change

Considering the constant feedings, your baby is likely to soil herself, and so you will have to change her diapers often. I bet you cannot handle the thought of your baby suffering from the irritating pain of rashes on her skin because you are neglecting to change her diapers.

  • Extreme temperatures

Too much cold or too much warmth is likely to cause your baby too much discomfort that she can handle. Now that your baby cannot say how she feels; you will notice restlessness in her sleep.

To prevent the effects of extreme temperatures of your baby, you need to settle on the best baby products that will keep her safe and provide her with a comfortable sleep. Better still, you should find baby products with no allergens that will react with your baby’s skin and cause irritations as she sleeps.

A better option would be going for products made using natural and organic products like cotton and wool. You will, therefore, be required as a parent to make a very careful selection on some of the best organic baby products to consider buying for your baby. This is because these products will keep her away from coming into contact with harmful chemicals. These products range from foods, diapers, blankets and baby towels which are all geared towards eliminating your baby’s restless sleep due to allergies.

Reigning Misconceptions

Most new parents have the idea that their baby’s nap time will be a walk in the park. Little do they know that the simple task of getting the baby to sleep is quite difficult. Struggling with your baby until she falls asleep is not the end to the nightmare, she will have restless nights for quite some time, which will be indicated by turning and tossing frequently, and a cry from time to time.

When this happens, make sure that you watch over your angel and give her some time to settle back to sleep. If this does not happen and your baby continues crying for more than 5 minutes, you will have to intervene and soothe your baby back to sleep.

Effective Solutions to Enable Your Sleepless Baby Sleep

If you are really bothered by your baby’s restlessness during her naptime, here are some useful tips that will give you some guidelines on how to help your restless baby get enough sleep throughout the night.

  • Take time to learn your baby’s cues

Your little innocent pumpkin can barely tell when she is sleepy. This makes it your duty to learn her cues that will be indicating that she is sleepy. There are some cues such as your little one rubbing her eyes. Here are some of those you should look out for:

  • Constant rubbing of the eyes.
  • Has eyes with a puffy appearance
  • Constant pulling of his or her ears

If you notice any of these, set your baby to sleep, probably using her favorite sleeping prop, or you can soothe her to sleep. Also, if your baby’s naptime has been delayed, or she skipped the day’s nap, any of the cues listed above will be an indicator that it is the perfect time for you to put your little angel to bed.

  • Create a sleep schedule for your baby

This might be difficult, but after a few days of closely studying your baby, you can create a sleep routine that will work for both you and your little pumpkin. Have a specific routine that will always indicate to your baby that it’s time to sleep. It could be a warm bath or a lullaby that will lure her to sleep. This will help a great deal in minimizing restlessness during her nap time.

  • Make any change in routine gradual

Babies are quite delicate, and that is why the slightest change you make in their surrounding will make your little one extremely restless. For instance, your baby will prefer to sleep in the same room, in the usual cot or bed every other day. If your baby is used to sleeping with a certain blanket or toy, do not just take it away from her all of a sudden.

This will give your little pumpkin sleepless nights. You might think that she does not notice the changes that you make, but trust me, your baby notices them. Sticking to the routine will give your baby a sense of security. If you intend to make some routine changes, make them as gradual and painless as possible to the baby.

  • Know the Reasons why your baby gets restless

Understanding the reason why your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and shows signs of restlessness, probably by crying is very important. It could be a wet nappy, or she just felt hungry in the night. If you understand why then you can seek the best remedy. Feed your baby well and also ensure that she has a diaper that is good enough to last the whole night.

  • Accept help from your partner

The task of parenting is not easy. You can barely manage it single-handedly for a whole day and night. Accepting and asking for help from your partner does not mean that you are weak. You as the mum should always be the primary caregiver during the day.

If you are a working mum, you can seek help from a nanny. At night, allow your partner to take care of your little one. This will also give them time to bond.


I hope the sleepless mothers have learned how to deal with baby restless sleep and also get their own naptime as they relax from a long day of work. Holding your newborn and looking at her features which seem very perfect is a good feeling. The transition from the mummy’s womb into this world will not be that an easy experience for your little one.

It will take quite some time for her to develop a perfect sleeping pattern. You will be required to brace yourself for some considerable amount of time when your little one will be experiencing some restless nights. From the article, you know the causes of baby restless sleep as well as the perfect solutions to the problem.​​​​

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