February 25, 2018

5 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns in 2018

Nothing takes precedence to a new mother more than knowing how her newborn child can be comfortable as she grows up. I doubt if there is any parent that doesn’t want the best for their kids. Besides feeding, the other most important area that needs consideration for a healthy and happy baby is the handling of their urine and poops.

Different materials have been put forth to help in this area, but the ones that stand out are the best cloth diapers for newborns. Besides your little one enjoying the deserved comfort, you as the mother will also be left with nothing much to be worried about.

This article aims at furnishing you with everything you need to know about cloth diapers. There are also a few choices we have carefully done for you to make your work even easier. Even if you already have some at home, you are still likely to find one or two to add to your current collection by the time you will come to the end of this article.


Why you should consider cloth diapers over other types of diapers

Many people think that cloth diaper is an old idea that has been overlooked by technological advancements. But in the real sense that isn’t the case. In fact, technology has led to the production of new fabrics that are easier to wear and remove, are super absorbents and even easier to clean.

But as if those are still not enough, here are some other reasons that make the cloth diapers stand out from the others such as the disposable diapers:

  • a. They are cheaper- Cloth diapers are reusable. This means that you can use them on multiple babies in case you are planning to give birth still. But if not, you can as well resell them to get some portion of the money you spent. This is unlike the disposable diapers that must the thrown away after just a single use.
  • b. Environmental friendly- Billions of disposable diapers find their ways into the environment each year but will take hundreds of years to degrade. To meet the daily demands for these disposable diapers, a lot of chemicals, trees, and petroleum for making plastics have to be used. These demands basically leave the environment with nothing to show off. That is not the case however when you have to rely on a few reusable cloth diapers that are rarely disposed of in years.
  • c. Healthier- Most disposable diapers are usually filled with a lot of chemicals for improved performance. The chemicals can lead to health-related issues such as endocrine disruption, rashes, and even cancer at times. Why should you subject your baby to such harm at an early stage like this? Cloth diapers are the only way out of such problems because at no time will you find any harmful chemicals in them.
  • d. Highly absorbent- With cloth diapers, you don’t need to change as often as you would do with the disposable diapers. So even at night, you are likely to enjoy the sleep together with your newborn without any issues to wake you up.
  • e. Protects baby boy’s genitals- Yes, and it is scientific research that has proven this. A baby boy that uses cloth diapers has the temperature around his genitalia lower than another one using a disposable diaper. The long-term effect of the increased temperature in these other diapers is reduced sperm production in adulthood. But with the cloth diapers, such a problem won’t exist.

Types of cloth diapers

These diapers are available in different types. It is, therefore, necessary that you know these varieties so that you make up your mind early enough on the best cloth diapers for newborns that your baby will rock in.

You can, however, try as many types as you can and determine whichever will work best for your little one. Here are the various common types available in the market.

  • Contours 

This type has been designed with some contours for a comfortable fit around your newborn’s legs and waste. At its top, there are tabs that can fold in. Whereas in some you are likely to use straps when putting them on, in others, there are diaper pins that are often used.

The good things about this type of cloth diaper are its custom fit, no need for folding, extra adjustability as well as being easily secured using pins or straps. However, the pins can be very dangerous to the baby.

  • Pre-folds 

This type is what most people know when it comes cloth diapers. They are just improved versions of the traditional flat diapers; only that there are layered fabrics that have been stitched together to improve their absorption.

You can fold them into any style to fit your baby. They aren’t costly and can be found in different sizes. On the downside, they are difficult to clean and might at times require diaper cover to prevent any leakages.

  • Pocket diapers 

These are designed with two layers. The inner one is fabric with a pocket opening whereas the outer one is waterproof. The pocket has been intentionally placed there to accommodate reusable absorbent inserts.

They are easier to clean and have long hours of dryness. They are however a bit costly. There are also some cloth diapers like this one, but they do not require the use of inserts. There is no big difference between these two in terms of performance.

  • Hybrids ​​​​

These are now the modern types that factor in cloth diapers’ reusability as well as disposables’ convenience. Actually, they are similar to the pocket types only that now you have a choice to use either disposable or washable insert. 

They do not take time to dry due to the removable inserts. Additionally, they are ideal for traveling due to their versatility. They are quite costly on the contrary due to the separate acquisition of inserts.

What to look for in cloth diapers

Newborn babies are unique on their own; meaning that something that works for your neighbor or has previously worked for you may not work out this time. This is majorly due to the difference in the babies’ shapes and sizes.

You, therefore, have to focus on your newborn baby alone and look for what she will be comfortable in. Having looked at the various types of cloth diapers which is another thing that is often used in selection, here are some other properties you have to take cognizant of before making any purchase:

  • Material 

The material is another great feature of a cloth diaper that you must always look at before buying one. If you ignore it, then you might end up getting home with something that your baby won’t be comfortable in.

Most cloth diapers are normally made from natural or synthetic (microfiber, micro-fleece and suede-cloth) materials each with its own merits and demerits. Most of the natural materials often used are cotton, wool, hemp and bamboo.

Apart from the comfort that the baby is likely to get from the material, you also need to consider how easy cleaning the cloth diaper will be.

  • Size of the diaper 

Babies are born with different body sizes. It, therefore, means that no particular size is likely to fit all the newborn babies. To ensure that your baby enjoys maximum comfort, you have to choose for her a diaper that fits well.

Again, since your baby is rapidly growing, ensure that you go for a size that can be used for a longer period of time. Adjustable diapers are the best for growth.

  • Ease of use 

Apart from being comfortable for the baby, the cloth diaper should be easy to use as well. You probably have other things to do therefore no much time should be wasted in cleaning and putting it on.

  • Price of the diaper 

Cloth diapers are available in different prices per piece. If you are working on a tight budget, then it is advisable that you go for the less expensive ones. But if your pockets are loaded then you can consider the high-quality and expensive ones.

  • Appearance 

The appearance and design of a cloth diaper also matters. Why should you buy a diaper that will scare the hell out your baby? Check on the colors and patterns. However, do not compromise on quality for a nice appearance.

A review of the best cloth diapers for newborns

1.  Nageuret Cloth Diapers


These are reusable cloth diapers that help you save money and environment. Besides, your newborn will incredibly look cute in them. And you are even guaranteed all your money back in case of any defect when you buy these diapers. This means that you aren’t likely to incur any losses.

They are designed in such a way that you can adjust them as the baby grows. Their ease of use and cleanup is really amazing. The baby won’t experience chaffing and scratchy fabric as is always the case in tough elastic and disposable diapers respectively.

What’s more, they are made using waterproof and breathable fabric to make your baby comfortable. The fact that they can be washed and reused makes them environmentally friendly. They are also adjustable and durable; this means that babies of various sizes can use them comfortably.

Top Features
  • Adjustable between 8 and 36 pounds 
  • 100% waterproof and breathable PUL polyester outer fabric 
  • Soft premium polyester on the inner side for maximum comfort 
  • Eco-friendly given that they can be washed and reused 
  • Each diaper weighs 2.08 ounces 
  • Measures 12 by 9 inches 


  • No leaks  
  • Adjustable and hence durable 
  • Easy to clean and use 
  • Well-fitting  
  • Nice appearance 


  • The thigh area becomes too snug after some time

2.  ALVABABY Cloth Diapers


These are pocket diapers that are washable and reusable making them not only economical but also environmental-friendly. Besides, they are super-absorbent making them comfortable for your newborn baby. In fact, these cloth diapers are less demanding in terms of how to use them.

These products are actually one size fits all; they can be adjusted to any desired size be it small, medium and even large. During cleaning, remember to keep a wash temperature of less than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The diapers shouldn’t be mixed with other clothes or even the inserts when being washed.

Each diaper comes along with a 3-layer insert made of microfiber whose dimensions are 13.7 by 5.5 inches. What’s more, these cloth diapers are highly absorbent and will always make your baby feel comfortable wearing them.

Top Features
  • Adjustable size to fit babies weighing between 8 and 35 pounds 
  • Made using breathable and waterproof TPU polyester and suede cloth 
  • Measures 39cm by 35cm 
  • The package includes 6 cloth diapers and 12 inserts 
  • Each item weighs 2 pounds 
  • Highly absorbent 
  • Well-fitting 
  • Nice colors 
  • Comes with inserts  
  • Bulky 
  • Occasional leaks 

3.  Babygoal Cloth Diapers


Here are some other great cloth diapers that you can add to your collection. They are all in one size with snaps in double rows that fit so well. These cloth diapers are available in packages of 6 diapers, 4 pieces of bamboo inserts and 6 microfibers inserts.

And the colors in which they come in are very adorable; no baby can’t be happy in these diapers. Always maintain a temperature of below 86oF when washing them. What’s more, they are made using durable materials and will, therefore, last longer.

The Babygoal Cloth diapers are long lasting and very comfortable for the baby. This is because they are made using a breathable material which is also waterproof. The inner part of the diaper is however made using suede cloth. What’s more, they also feature additional bamboo and microfiber inserts.

Top Features
  • The outside material is a breathable and waterproof PUL while the inner one is a suede cloth 
  • Measures 39 by 35 cm. 
  • Each one weighs 2.1 pounds 
  • Has snaps in double rows  
  • Adjustable size to fit babies weighing from as low as 8 pounds up to 35 pounds  


  • Adorable patterns 
  • Good performance 
  • Durable material 
  • Well-fitting and comfortable  
  • There are additional bamboo and microfiber inserts  
  • Seams become unsewn with time 
  • Soak in too much pee or after long hours without changing. 
4.  OsoCozy Cloth Diapers

If you have been on the search for the best cloth diapers then here is your perfect match. OsoCozy diapers are pre-fold types. They are unbleached, durable, soft and very absorbent which is basically what the best diapers for newborns should be like. A single order comes with 6 pre-fold diapers.

Size 1 basically fits newborns weighing 7 to 15 pounds. Don’t be surprised if you realize that they shrink in size after washing. That’s how the material behaves. These cloth diapers are very durable and comfortable when used by the baby at the same time. They are also available at a relatively affordable price.

The only issue to be worried about with these cloth diapers is their bulky nature. This is because each diaper weighs 1.2 pounds hence contributing to their bulkiness. They also take a given amount of time to be fully folded.

Top Features
  • Each diaper measures 12 by 16 inches before washing 
  • Made of 100% unbleached Indian cotton 
  • Has 8 absorbency layers and 4 outer panels in a 4x84 
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds each  
  • High-quality 
  • Comfortable 
  • Are inexpensive 
  • Durable   
  • Bulky
  • Folding takes some time 

5.  Grovia Hybrid Cloth Diapers 


The Grovia Hybrid diapers are taking the bay diaper world by storm. These diapers are a combination of the old-school diaper cover, which is waterproof and reusable, together with modern textile diapering cloths. No chemicals like dioxins have been used to make these diapers hence making them very safe for your baby. 

These diapers are eco-friendly and very gorgeous. Make sure that you wash them after every two days. No bleach, fabric softeners or enzyme cleaners should be used during cleanup. The other good thing about these hybrid diapers is that they are machine washable and so you will worry less about washing them.

They can also be adjusted to fit kids weighing from 8 to 30 pounds. Each diaper weighs only 1.6 ounces which makes them simple and convenient to use. They come in dimensions of 5.9 by 3.9 inches in length and width respectively.

Top Features
  • One diaper weighs 1.6 ounces  
  • The nappy measures 5.9 by 3.9 inches 
  • Are adjustable to fit babies weighing between 8 and 30 pounds 
  • They are machine washable  
  • Safely made without dioxins 
  • Simple and convenience 
  • Nice appearance 
  • Made of soft material that easily dries off 
  • High quality and comfortable diaper  
  • Too big 
  • Bulky and a bit hard 


Newborn babies are very sensitive. Any materials meant for their use shouldn’t be just picked and given to them. Careful selection, therefore, has to be done to come up with what makes the baby comfortable.

Among our list of products, Nageuret Cloth Diapers come out to be the best cloth diapers for newborns. They are made from high quality materials that are breathable and waterproof. Besides, they are easy to use, are eco-friendly, durable and designed with nice patterns.

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