January 24, 2018

A detailed review of the Best jumperoo to buy in 2018

Seeing your baby grow into a teenager is one glorious thing that every parent works hard for. Growing from being a newborn to being a toddler is one of the hardest stages of a growing child. Thanks to the human invention, we have tools and equipment like jumperoos that help the baby transition well during such tender age milestones.

A jumperoo is one of the very good baby gadgets that help the baby develop motor skills, have a safe environment for play and is also good for sound training with less parental supervision. With the advantages that jumperoos come with, finding the best jumperoo for your little one requires an in-depth search.

If you intend to acquire one of the best jumperoos for your little one, keep reading. You are lucky because we have reviewed some of the top best jumperoos on the market today.


Factors worth being considered while searching for the best jumperoo

Jumperoos come with different features, but there are some essential things that you should keep in mind for you to find the best for your little one. These features include;

  • Where to place the jumper

Buying a jumperoo for your baby is so much fun, but they are huge and bulky and hence require some space. That is why you will need to consider space if you are going to buy the ones that require being hanged by the doorway or the ones with a supporting stand or supporting base.

If you have limited space, doorway jumpers are the best for you. If you have plenty of room, you can look for one that comes with many accessories and one that is large in size for more entertainment.

  • Assembling

How is the jumperoo assembled? Does it require extra skills or it can be done by just anyone? The simpler the assembling process, the better is the jumperoo. Take for instance, if you wish to do some cleaning and maintaining, are you going to call someone to help you disassemble the jumper or are going to do it yourself? Doorway jumpers have little or no assembly so try considering them while doing your shopping.

  • Adjustable levels

The jumper should be adjustable height wise to accommodate the baby’s height growth. This implies that it should at least have three adjustable positions. It should also allow the transition to toddler age by being an activity table after the “training to walk” age is over.

By considering this factor, you will be making sure that you get maximum return on your investment.

  • Sensory Stimulation

Try to look for features that will stimulate your baby while she jumps like sounds, lights and other varieties of textures. Sound features like songs and pianos are good for entertainment. Toys are also another good interactive source. They are great for creating entertaining and engaging time for your baby.

  • Level of Safety

Safety is a key requirement for a jumper and any other baby product. One of the safety features you should look for is the harness. Lap harness is one of the harnesses that you should look for if you are going to go for a doorway jumper.

Stationary jumpers also have some kind of harness in them that keeps the baby in place as she jumps. Also, ensure that the new jumperoo does not have sharp toys or pinching springs that may pose injury threats. This is common especially for those jumpers with rotating seats.

  • Removable fabric

Sometimes your baby might jump so high that she spits on the jumper seat. You will need to clean it; for quick and easy cleaning, therefore, the fabric should be removable.

Reviews of the best products

1. Fisher-price Rainforest Jumperoo

This Jumperoo can be considered as one of the best places for your baby to sit and play. It comes with two leaves that form an overhead canopy. On them are toys that dangle giving the baby a good position to play with the toys. The countless features give the baby enough time to play, learn and grow some important skills like listening among others.

This jumperoo has a 360 degrees rotating seat that gives the baby enough time to play and interact with different positions. The seat and the toys are at five locations to keep the baby busy all the way around the platform. On the front side are the electronic toys with music and lights which can be activated when the baby spins a drum.

You can also activate the light and music, and it will play for four minutes continuously. You will also enjoy how easy it is to set up, carry and fold for storage. You won’t also require a doorway to use the jumperoo. The jumper will grow with your baby since it has three-adjustable positions.

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  • Two overhead canopy leaves.
  • Light up musical piano.
  • Foldable.
  • 3-adjustable positions.
  • 360 degrees rotating seat.


  • Comes with interactive toys and activities.
  • Highly stable and safe.
  • Easy to fold down and carry around.
  • No doorways required for it to be used.
  • It has a very easy setup.


  • The seat fabric is not good for the baby’s sensitive skin.

2. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

Are you on the lookout for a simple way to entertain your child without so much hassle? This is the perfect way to grow your baby’s motor skills and get her exercised. It is one of the simplest jumperoos to install thanks to its special attachment. This taut attachment allows it to be simply attached to a door frame hence giving your baby something to play over.

To ensure that while your baby is on it, she gets engaged, it comes with two toys and a built-in toy tray. This will help in giving you enough time to tend to other house chores. In addition to these two toys, your baby will also be able to bounce up and down by the doorway.

This exercises the baby hence making her grow strong leg muscles. Do not forget the jungle coloring pattern that will definitely take your baby on a safari. One of the factors to consider as earlier mentioned when buying a jumperoo is whether the jumperoo has a removable and washable seat pad.

You are lucky; this jumperoo has one. The high-back nylon seat pad is machine washable and removable. Another great thing about this jumper is the straps. The straps are strong and have a plastic dome and non-twist straps that aid in keeping the straps far apart. This allows you to quickly and easily put her into and out of the jumper.


  • Adjustable straps.
  • Toy tray.
  • Weight limit: 5 pounds to 25 pounds.
  • Mark free door clamp.
  • Hidden safety chord.


  • It is easy to set up and adjust.
  • It is safe and secure.
  • The jumper comes with toy tray which provides a place for the baby to get entertained.
  • Comfortable seat and with high-back.
  • Easily portable.


  • It requires places with door frames.

3. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

Help your baby use the excess energy with this baby jumper. It is one of the best jumperoos with a sturdy structure and entertaining accessories. It comes with more than 12 activities that provide timeless entertainment for your baby as you attend to other chores or activities. It also encourages 360 degrees of fun.

The entertaining accessories include music piano station which comes with volume controls, three modes of play, melodies, piano notes and silly sounds. What’s more, it can operate in three languages which comprise of French, Spanish and English.

The baby will play, jump and bounce around, thanks to the high back seat that rotates 360 degrees around. The seat pad is also removable and machine washable. Cleaning and maintaining this jumper is a downhill exercise.

If you are keen on the safety of your baby, then you shouldn’t get worried as this jumper has a strong and firm supporting structure. In addition to the seat frames, the seat is made of plush material and with a high back providing enough support.

One key feature that you need to know is that it can adjust to five different heights, sometimes babies grow fast. This feature will allow you make use of the jumper even with your baby’s fast growth.

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  • Five adjustable heights.
  • Firm support structure.
  • Removable seat pad.
  • Removable toys.
  • 12 and more activities.
  • Light up piano.


  • Keeps the baby entertained and engaged.
  • Firm and secure.
  • It comes with a removable seat pad.
  • The jumper has a spinning seat which gives the baby many angles and positions to get entertained.
  • It comes with loops to attach toys to.
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble before and after storage.


  • The springs are a little tight making bouncing hard.

4. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn jumper

Does your baby need a place to jump, learn and play? This jumperoo is the right place for her. Let’s start with jumping; this jumper has 3-position height adjustment meaning that your baby will grow with it. Also as your baby jumps, she will be landing on a stable and soft pad that is necessary for growing children.

Regarding the experience of learning and playing, the baby has a lot of exposure when on this jumper because of the many toys it comes with. It also brings the toys closer to the baby. This jumper will be a learning masterpiece for your baby. With over 58 mentally stimulating activities, your baby will be able to learn quickly and become stronger, smarter and happy.

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning the jumper, it has a removable seat pad that is easy to remove and wash. It is also 100% polyester making it safe for your baby. In general, this jumper will be a great way to develop your baby’s neck, leg and back muscles. It also improves the baby’s gross motor skills.

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  • 58 fun activities.
  • Unisex take with me toys.
  • Lights and sounds.
  • Machine washable seat pad.
  • 3-height positions.


  • Bounce base provides a stable and soft-landing pad when the baby is bouncing.
  • Full of learning and playing accessories.
  • The seat pad is machine washable making cleaning easy.
  • It is compact and stable.
  • The seat swivels giving the baby multiple directions to play.


  • The edges of the teething toys are sharp and may lead to injuries.
  • Might come with broken, not working or missing parts.

5. Jolly jumper on a stand for rockers

Is your baby at the pre-walking stage? This one is great for babies on the pre-walking stage. It is good for balancing and walking rhythm by strengthening muscles while developing coordination. It is also among the easiest to install jumperoos you will ever find.

It comes with its own stand making it good for use anywhere be it in the park, inside the house, in the office or anywhere else. When the baby is on it, the jumper seat snugly fits the baby giving her a good position to learn how to walk.

The hanging strap is adjustable and strong. As the baby grows, the jumper also grows since you can adjust the height. Setting this up is as easy as pie. In the middle of the stand is a spring with a chain dangling over it to be used for this purpose.

You will just simply be required to hook the baby’s harness on it, and it will be set for use. The harness is strong and snug. It has large, chest-wide Velcro for the baby to get the right fit around the chest. To make things easy when storing it, the stand is foldable.


  • Portable and foldable stand.
  • Hanging chain.
  • Wide-chest Velcro.
  • Snugly jumper seat.


  • The jumper is great for those without doorways to hang jumperoos.
  • Super easy to install and set up.
  • Offers strong support.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The stand is foldable for storage and portability.


  • The chain is long and rattles while the child is playing which can be a source of annoyance.
  • Sitting the baby on the jumper is difficult at times.


You will definitely enjoy the benefits of buying your little one the best jumperoo. It will not only contribute to the development of your child’s physical and mental growth but also strengthen the love between you and your baby. Seeing your baby jump, laugh and clap while on a jumperoo is amazing.

This won’t, however, be successful without the best jumperoo like Fisher-price Rainforest Jumperoo. It is one of the popular and affordable jumperoos. It has a rotating seat that is padded with a removable fabric making it easy to clean. Its height is also adjustable meaning that it will grow with your baby. Lastly is that it has countless entertaining activities that will keep your baby busy and engaged while you attend to other activities.

We would like to recommend this jumperoo to you. Which one did you like among the five products, please share with us? Don’t also forget to leave a comment.

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