February 19, 2018

The Best organic baby formula to be used an alternative to Breastmilk

Feeding an infant is one sensitive and most complex thing to do for a mom with a newborn. Trying to understand what your little one likes and dislikes is hard is as hard as a puzzle. What makes this whole issue even more complicated is when you are opting for baby formula.

The allergies, constipation, refluxes and much more other after effects make feeding a baby a daunting but an essential exercise. With all these experiences at hand, looking for the best organic baby formula for your little one is the next step and hence the reason why you are reading this.

So, are you a mom on the hunt for the best organic baby formula? Are you confused about the many choices available in the market? If yes, keep reading to find out about our best five well researched, vetted and hand-picked organic baby formulas that we have reviewed for you.


What to consider when looking for the best Organic baby formula

1. Ingredients

The word “organic” basically means that there is nothing artificial in the formula, which is hard to find these days. However, the lesser the artificial additives included in the baby formula, the better for your baby’s health. As you look for the best organic baby formula for your little one, here are some common ingredients to look for;

  • Sweeteners

Keep a close look at sweeteners like sugar, corn syrup and brown rice syrup. Some of these sweeteners have a negative impact on the baby’s health if they are excessively ingested. Most of the formula manufacturers introduce these sweeteners since cow milk lacks the same amount of carbohydrates and lactose that breast milk has.

Excess sweetener in baby formula leads to obesity. It is always recommended that these sweeteners should not exceed 20% of the carbohydrate content in the formula.

  • Palm Oil

Breast milk is rich in fatty acids. To mimic these levels, baby formula manufacturers tend to add palm oil to the formula. Excess palm oil tends to create “soapy” guts. The palmitic oil that remains in the baby’s gut reacts with calcium which results into the formation of “soaps” along the alimentary canal. This effect negatively affects the growth and development of the child.

  • DHA and ARA

These are the organically synthesized types of fatty acids that are commonly found in breast milk. ARA is the omega-6 while DHA is the omega-3 fatty acid normally added to baby formula. They are good for eye and brain development. Since they are synthesized in factories, it is hard to tell which ones are always synthesized most organically as much as possible. This means that any formula with this kind of additives should be certified.

2. Forms of baby formula

  • Powder formula

This is one of the most popular forms of formula among parents. It is available in various kinds depending on the key ingredient in the formula. The most common ones are soy and milk-based baby formulas.

It is one of the best forms to find the best organic or hypoallergenic formulas. In addition to that is that it is also the most affordable type of formula. You will, however, need to follow specific mixing instruction for you to feed your baby using these baby formulas. They are also space consuming.

  • Liquid Concentrate formula

Unlike the powder formula, this form of formula is less known or used by many parents. It requires more of the mole concept taught in Chemistry; you must mix right portions to a specific volume of water and also needs refrigeration once it is opened.

It has a short lifespan of about 48 hours if not refrigerated. Just like powdered formula, it is mixed in water and then ready for use.

  • Ready to feed formula

This is most suitable for traveling families. If you are not quite sure of getting time to prepare your baby’s formula, then this ready-made form of baby formula will be great for you. Most hospitals also serve ready to use formulas since they are the most hygienic and time-saving. Just like the concentrated liquid formula they have a low shelf life.

3. Types of baby formula

Several types of baby formulas are tailored to meet different baby needs. Here are some of the types;

  • Soy-based formula

In the soy-based type of formula, the main ingredient here is soy. Soy plays the key source of protein for the baby. This type of formula is always recommended for children who are vegans or who are intolerant to cow milk.

  • Cow’s Milk-based Formula

Here the main ingredient is the protein from cow milk. The manufacturer extracts the proteins and modifies it to become less easy for the baby’s digestive tract. They are the most popular type of baby formula available.

  • Hydrolyzed formula

In this type of formula, the protein is broken down into smaller portions so that it becomes easy for the baby’s digestive system. This type of formula is the most suitable for babies who are prone to multiple allergies or have a problem with absorbing nutrients.

  • Lactose-free formula

Some children will exhibit lactose intolerance, and most pediatricians would recommend that they are fed on lactose-free formula. In that case, the most suitable type would be the one with corn syrup instead.

  • Metabolic Formula

This type of formula is always used based on a doctor’s recommendation. It is normally recommended to ill or children who require specific nutrition.


1.  Happy Baby Infant formula

This is one of the best organic baby formulas that are made by a group of nutritionist, moms and pediatricians. The formula is made for stage 2, a stage where most of the children are between the age of 6 to 12 months and most moms plan to introduce or transition to formula.

The 21-ounce formula is packed with the following: vitamin C, vitamin D, Choline, Zinc, Copper, Phosphorous, Calcium and Iron. It is also Corn, Gluten and GMO-free which makes it organic. The formula is dairy based. The number one protein ingredient is supplied by cow milk sourced from cows fed with organic dairy meals.

Another key ingredient found in this formula that will see your baby grow into a healthy teenager is the DHA and ARA; essential fatty acids that are always found in breast milk. These are the most abundant fatty acids in the Omega-6 and 3 which are found in the neural and the nervous system.

This formula is therefore essential for your baby’s healthy growth. In addition is also the prebiotics, an important ingredient for helping with the digestive system. From what it has and its capabilities, this is one of the best organic formula to go for.


  • 21 Ounce capacity.
  • Vitamin D and C.
  • Has DHA and ARA.
  • Gluten, GMO and Corn syrup solids-free.
  • Prebiotics Rich.
  • It is rich in lactose which makes it great for energy supply.
  • The formula is great for children who have digestive problems.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • Comes at a relatively affordable price.
  • Supplies DHA and ARA ingredients that are good for brain development.
  • It has palm oil which causes constipation in babies.

2.  Baby’s Only Organic Toddler formula

It is indeed true that Mother Nature has her way of taking care of your baby. This baby formula has been made to ensure that your baby naturally gets everything for growth, stronger health and brain development. This formula is among the first organic formulas to be introduced to the market with strict adherence to manufacturing guidelines.

What exactly does this baby formula contain? Unpacking it one by one, first let’s talk about what it does not have, it is Non-GMO, it is hexane free, corn, Palm oil, Gluten-free and it is iron fortified.

Now on what this baby formula has, it is pretty obvious that since it is dairy based, it comes with proteins, vitamins and minerals that are present in breast milk supply. This one, in particular, is intended for a baby who is lactose intolerant and it also suitable for parents who are struggling to keep soy proteins out of their baby’s diet.

  • Palm oil free.
  • Free of Corn.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Hexane Free.
  • DHA free.
  • The formula is hypoallergenic.
  • It is perfect for infants.
  • The formula is lactose-free.
  • It is scent free.
  • It is good for babies with reflux, sensitivities or digestive issues.
  • It is not good for non-dairy babies.

3.  Earth’s Best Organic Infant formula

This 23.2-ounce capacity baby formula is one of the best baby formulas; it has 95% less lactose content for gas build up and fussiness. First is that the formula is sourced from cows which use organic grass, hay band grain. The formula is free of corn syrup solids, and it is fortified with iron.

The formula is rich in DHA and ARA which are fatty acids that are suitable for eye and brain development. The formula is also rich in lutein and prebiotic fiber which are good for boosting the baby’s immunity. This formula is one of the most organic formulas that you will probably find on the market. The formula is uniquely made with fewer pesticides and fertilizers qualifying it to be organic.

Another thing that you will love with this formula is its ability to be digested easily by the baby’s digestive system. Your baby is going to enjoy this easy to the digested formula for the first twelve months. This baby formula is also free of artificial colors and flavors and is therefore healthy and safe to be used by your baby.

  • 95% less lactose.
  • 23.2 ounce.
  • Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA fatty acids.
  • Lactose supply.
  • Free of flavors and colors.
  • Corn syrup free.
  • The formula is easy to digest.
  • Has lutein for eyes and prebiotic for digestion.
  • Free of hexane.
  • The formula works with most of the infants.
  • It mixes easily.
  • It is reactive to some children.

4.  Vermont Organics Infant Formula

This is another great infant formula that will be good for your baby’s first year. This formula is rich in DHA, ARA and choline. These are some of the best nutrients that are found in breast milk making the best supplement or your baby. Ensuring that your baby feeds on healthy and certified food is a priority.

You won’t worry about this one as this formula passes all the US Food and Drug Regulations. The formula is packed with main nutrients that are essential for infant growth. From vitamins like Vitamin D, K, and E, organic minerals like pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, zinc sulfate, to organic oils like palm and soy sunflower.

The list is endless, what you will be guaranteed of is that your baby is going to feed on a rich organic formula. What is great about the formula is that it comes in four packages, which makes it plenty and lasting.

You will be quite sure to feed your baby with a formula that was made from dairy cows that are reared organically and are free from antibiotics, artificial growth hormones and any other artificial additive that may threaten your baby’s health.

  • Free of Antibiotics.
  • Rich in Vitamins, oils and Proteins.
  • 23.2 Ounces.
  • Pack of 4.
  • DHA and ARA rich.
  • Easily digested.
  • Mixes easily with water.
  • Good for the transition from breast milk.
  • Rich with most minerals, vitamins and minerals.
  • It has a good scent.
  • The formula has soy which might be allergic.

5.  Baby’s Only Organic Toddler formula

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, high quantity and above all organic formula for your toddler, this is one of such organic baby formulas. It comes as a package of three or may vary and has a total volume of 12.7 ounces making it plenty enough for use at home.

The formula is dairy iron fortified making it rich in iron supply and safe for your baby. This formula was introduced into the market more than a decade ago and is one to trust your baby with. It is made to meet the standards that are established by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It utilizes best organic ingredients including using milk from organically fed cows.

Unlike most of the formulas, what sets this at par is the absence of the glucose syrup which sometimes may tend affect the baby. Sometimes when mixing these formulas, it is hard to comprehend how to properly mix them, which in the end may affect the baby’s digestion and health in general.

This is not the case for this formula as it comes with simple instructions that anybody can understand and follow.

  • Glucose syrup free.
  • No GMO.
  • 12.7 Ounces.
  • Packs of 3.
  • Mixing instructions included.
  • Easy to mix and use.
  • Budget-friendly organic formula.
  • Good for breastfeeding transitioning.
  • The formula is hypoallergenic.
  • Has the best taste.
  • It has organic brown rice syrup which causes constipation.


We have come to the end of our review of the five best organic formulas. As you have realized, it is hard to tell which one is the best of them all. After closely looking at how the five formulas have tried to serve the baby, we found Happy Baby Infant formula to be the best of them all.

This best organic baby formula is made specifically for a baby’s transitioning stage. It is also rich in most of the nutrients that are essential for the baby’s growth. It is also rich in lactose which is a great source energy for the baby. Most of those who have used it seemed to like it.

Have you ever used any of the best organic baby formulas that we have discussed above? If yes, which one did your baby love? Which one are you planning to buy for your baby next time? If you loved another brand apart from the one we recommended, please tell us which one it is and why you have some special love for that particular organic baby formula brand.

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