February 21, 2018

Who else wants to know more about German Baby Formula?

The beauty of parenting becomes evident when you see your baby making significant milestones in her growth and development. This simply means that you will be required to feed your child on foods with the right amount of the necessary nutrients. For this reason, you will have to breastfeed your little one.

In some instances, you may not be in a position to offer breast milk. This is where the organic baby formula comes in handy. The process of choosing the best organic baby formula to be used as an alternative to breast milk is not as easy as it seems. This is why we have tried to make things somehow easier for you.

We have prepared a detailed review of German baby formula in a bid to help you find nothing but the best formula for your angelic baby.


Reasons to Make You Choose German Baby Formula Over any Other

It is true that you may have your own baby formulas in the countries where you live. Deciding on the best baby formula has always been a daunting task, both to new and experienced parents. At times you may hear prejudices on the sole baby formula you thought was the best.

It is also true that this could really disorient you. America tends to produce so many exquisite products because it is undisputedly one of the largest nations on planet earth. Despite this fact, America should be ready to accept the fact that other better innovations are happening outside the US soil.

When it comes to the issue of the wellness of our babies as well as their healthcare, let’s not be too proud to seek better products for our young ones. This is the point where you should get to know that German baby formula is also a better alternative to the American baby formulas.

Let’s go international and learn some of the appealing reasons why German baby formula tends to be the best alternative:

  • Pays attention to enhancing gut balance

German baby formulas are doing great at enhancing a balanced and healthy digestive system by including the necessary prebiotics and probiotics. This is key for little ones who just started using the formula.

Breast milk contains the necessary ingredients naturally. If you have to substitute breast milk with formula, ensure that it has the requisite nutrients in the same amounts to enhance proper growth and development of your angelic baby.

  • The kinds of farming in Germany

This may seem to be a very insignificant fact, but it plays a very important role. In Germany, the kind of farming that is practiced is known as biodynamic organic farming. This is basically organic farming based on natural steroids. This ensures that the whole ecosystem of the farm, human beings, the plants, soil, seeds, and the animals which in one way or another depend on the soil are considered.

Also, there are those processing practices which are harmful to the ecosystem that have been prohibited. In the farming practices, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are done away with. The fact that genetic modification of plants is prohibited makes the farming practices even better.

All these measures that have been put in place in Germany to regulate farming ensure that the ingredients used to make German baby formula are safe for consumption by the baby.

  • The manufacturers steer away from certain harmful ingredients

There are those ingredients which are prohibited by the European Union organic standards. For instance, it does not allow the use of items such as corn syrup, sucrose, fructose, glucose or rice syrup in the manufacturing of infant formula.

These are just but a few of the regulations which they are very strict on. The European Union organic standards are strict compared to the FDA regulations in America. By omitting carrageenan, German manufacturers of infant formula make it safe the babies.

Carrageenan is extracted from Irish Moss, a certain red seaweed. It comes in handy at making a binding agent of stews and thick sauces in British Isles traditional meals. Vegan eaters who seek to avoid gelatin also include quite a considerable amount of Carrageenan in their foods.

Scientists have been debating on the possible side effects of Carrageenan. Due to this, the EU banned it totally from being used as an ingredient in German baby formulas. German infant formulas always steer away from typical sweeteners. Breast milk has a natural sweetness.

Naturally, our bodies have been modified to crave for a certain level of sweetness to enhance proper metabolism. It is right for your little one’s formula to have a sweetener and for this reason, the German baby formula manufacturers have identified alternative formula sweeteners which are healthier.

Alternative sweeteners used in German Baby Formula

The sweeteners will make the formula appealing to your little munchkin. She will be more than willing to consume the formula and grow to be that baby who will be all over the place jumping up and down. Here are some of them:

  • Maltodextrin which is a complex carbohydrate. This is a very healthy sweetener as it moves throughout the digestive system very fast. It should strictly be included only in small doses. Too much of it could be dangerous. It is used by the Holle manufacturers in little amounts.
  • Lactose which is also known as milk sugar. Lebenswert and HiPP use this sweetener. It is only found in milk and plays a great role in providing an infant with the required carbohydrates. If there is a tendency of people in your family being lactose intolerant, you need to steer away from lactose.

Distinct Traits of German Baby Formula

The packaging of German baby formula is rather distinct. There is a certain way they are packed such that you will easily identify them. Here are some of the things you should look out for:

  • The package is printed in German but to put all prospective users into consideration, inside the package, there are instructions printed in English. You need not panic.
  • It uses boxes and not cans for packaging. This will help you significantly since it is the first noticeable feature. Every box has formula packed in two pouches.
  • The amount an infant should take is stipulated using stages and not ages. For instance, in Holle Baby Formula, the stages are organized as follows: stage one commences from birth, stage two at six months, stage three at ten months, and stage four at 12 months.
  • The units are written in grams rather than ounces. This means that you will need to do some quick conversions before you feed your baby on the formula. The amount is given according to the stage your baby is in.

Recommended German Baby Formula Brands

      1. HiPP European Baby Formula

This infant formula comes in handy during very many situations, from allergies, acid reflux or gas. The manufacturer does a thorough analysis to ensure that no single bit of harmful items finds its way into your infant’s formula.

The sweetener used in this baby formula is lactose which is considered as the safest sweetener for infant formulas. These two are enough proof that you can confidently feed your little pumpkin on HiPP European Baby Formula.

       2. Holle European Baby Formula

Holle is ideal for your infant as it is cow based. The manufacturers ensure that there are four stages of the formula so that the babies at these distinct ages can get the necessary nutrients for proper growth and development.

The formula is produced as per the age brackets of the babies. There is that which is appropriate for infants who are one day to six months old. The stage 2 production is relevant for children whose age ranges between six months to 10 months.

Stage three formula is suitable for children in the age bracket of ten to twelve months. The fourth and final production stage is for babies whose age is from one year.


There you have it regarding German baby formula, how to differentiate it from other brands which are not based in Germany as well as the most appealing facts about the German baby formula brands. It is a fact that your baby deserves only the best food.

This is why it is important to be wise concerning the kind of formula you are introducing your baby to. Getting the best will ensure that she grows to be a healthy baby. You will not help but marvel at your baby attaining the milestones of development.

If you have ever used German baby formula before, please share with us your experience. There are a whole lot of parents who are eagerly waiting to lean from experienced parents like you. Tell us what you liked about the brands and their impact on your baby’s growth and development.

Also, kindly scroll further and read the comments of other parents. Every day is a learning day as you will get to learn something new that will develop your parenting skills. Where you need clarification, feel free to ask, and we will be glad to offer assistance.

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