December 11, 2017

How to choose a 6 Month Baby Day care Facility

There is no time that is as cherished during child care as that period when you get a maternity or paternity leave. The most distressing part comes when you have to go back to work due to the bitter truth that you will have to leave the baby and seek help from someone else to take care of the baby.

Seeking the services of a daycare facility has always been the most preferable and convenient way in which parents seeks to care for their children. It may seem a little not appropriate since your baby will barely get uninterrupted attention like you are used to giving her.

It is still a factor to consider since you have to get back to work and get the means to provide for the upkeep of your baby. If your baby is 6 months old, then you will need a 6 month baby day care to take good care of her as you try looking for means to put bread on the table.

Read on and get to learn more about 6 months baby daycare and what you should expect when you take your baby to be cared for by such baby daycare centers.


Perfect Policies for a Great Day Care Facility

You have to set your bar high for the daycare facility you purpose to entrust to take good care of your 6 months old baby when you are away at work. You might be lucky enough to get one that meets all the standards you have set.

The daycare management should also have policies that will make you as their client comfortable. Here are some of the policies that will keep you at par with the running of the facility.

  • Clear Opening and Closing Times

The daycare facility should be clear in the opening and closing times as well as the procedures for dealing with emergencies. This will help you to plan your day such that you will drop and pick your baby on time to avoid inconveniencing those who care for your child.

You will also have the ability to perform your daily tasks at work without the risk of having to leave work before you are done with your day’s work.

  • Sickness Policy

There should be a policy regarding sickness. It should clearly state the diseases which will have you stay with your baby at home, probably to prevent the probable spread of the infection to the other children. It should also state how long your baby will have to stay away from the facility.

  • Diet and General Daycare Policy

Find out the diet offered at the facility. Make sure that they offer fresh and nutritious meals which are appropriate for the ages of the babies being served. If your child is a vegetarian, is allergic or intolerance to certain foods, they need to state if they will take care of that.

The day care facility should also inform you whether you have to pay some extra cash in such cases or if you will have your arrangements to ensure that your baby gets the right food. The instructions issued by parents on meal schedules, formula, breast milk and solids should be adhered to.

  • Flexibility of the facility

The daycare facility needs to indicate whether it can be flexible especially if your working hours are increased on short notice. Probably they have an allowance for you to pick up and drop off your child at the facility at different times according to your work schedule.

  • Policies regarding immunization

Make sure that the daycare facility you choose for your baby has a strict policy regarding immunization. If you find daycare facilities that are unlicensed, yet they are not keen on having the children they admit immunized, keep off from those. If you don’t, you will be putting your angelic baby at a risk of getting infected with diseases, something that you could have avoided.

  •  Caregivers’ health policies

A policy regarding the health requirements of the caregivers is necessary. Seek from the management on the health requirements of their employees. They should also have complete records on their medical checkups, tests and vaccinations.

  • Availability of open door policy

An open-door policy is ideal for any daycare facility. This way, you can be sure that nothing wrong is being done within the facility, and you can also drop in unannounced to check on your baby. You can be lucky enough to be a stakeholder in a daycare facility where they invite parents to take part in the day to day running of the facility.

That will give you an opportunity to work hand in hand with those you entrust with your baby, and you will learn more about them, how much the management values them and whether they perform their mandate in the right way.

What to look out for in an ideal baby daycare for your 6 months old baby

At 6 months, your child is at a very important stage of her growth, and for that reason, the question on how right it is that you leave your baby in a baby daycare has been met with varying impressions.

According to an extensive research initiated by the National Institute of Child Health and Development, you need not worry that the bond between you and your little pumpkin will be at a compromise if you take your child to the daycare. This applies only if once the baby comes home from the day care, then you will grant her sensitive care.

To make sure that your baby gets the best care, there are some factors you need to look out for just to be certain that you are leaving your angelic being in the right hands.

  • Take time to visit several childcare facilities.

Before you resume work after the maternal or paternal leave, plans on how your baby will be taken care of once you resume work should be underway. The most important bit you need to consider is visiting several childcare facilities so that you can choose the one that you will find most suitable for your baby.

This could be in terms of accessibility, a safe and clean environment, the charges and the devotion of the staff to give the best to your baby with no ill intentions.

  • Seek to learn of its reputation

Before you settle for a particular daycare for your 6 months old baby, you need to seek to learn its reputation. This should not be as hard as it seems. When you visit a daycare facility, take your time to mingle and chat with one or two parents especially those who seem to have been bringing their babies to the facility for quite some time.

Dig out the important details from them until you are contented that you found the day care that you are comfortable leaving your baby to be taken care of in.

  • A thorough check of the daycare

Before you settle for a specific daycare facility, you should visit several potential baby daycare facilities and pay close attention to how the members of staff interact with and how they handle the babies.

The ideal situation in a day care is that the members of staff should be relating closely with the children, some could be probably holding a baby on the lap while others could be on the ground interacting with the children through play.

This warm and responsive care is very important since babies at the age of six months need close and interactive relationships filled with a lot of love. For this to be possible, there is a recommended ratio of one caretaker for every three babies. Find out the ratio of the child care workers to the children.

  • Background check on those who will be watching your baby

There is nothing a scary as leaving your child under a stranger’s care. For this reason, I would insist that you find out the background of every individual who will have the responsibility to watch over your child.

You can seek the information from the manager of the daycare and ensure that they do a thorough background check on their employees, including their health records. This should be the case across the board, from the employees whose work in the maintenance of the facility to the childcare workers who deal directly with the children.

  • Registration and inspection

A daycare facility is very important since it deals with human life. There have been instances where we have unscrupulous businesses where the management may make it seem to be a legal business, but behind the scenes, there could be an illegal business in progress.

In case the illegal business is identified by the law, it could turn out to be ugly, not only for the management but you as well. You could end up being named as part of the unscrupulous business. That is the reason why I insist that you ask the manager to allow you to see the registration certificate for that particular daycare.

In most instances, it is displayed prominently for all to see. You should also seek to see a recent copy of the facility’s inspection report. The inspection report will help you know if it is what you are looking for on a 6-month baby daycare.

  • Clean and safe environment at the daycare facility

Check the daycare facility you intend to entrust to take care of your baby when you are busy at work. The facility’s cleanliness should be spotless, and it should also be located in a safe place. Make sure that there are zero safety hazards such as open outlets, very tiny toys which can be easily swallowed, or cords which are dangling quite dangerously.

In case you notice anything that seems to be a safety hazard, it would only be right if you alerted the management. This way you will have saved lives and prevented instances of children getting injured.

There are some rules regarding health and sanitation in a daycare facility. In a well-run daycare facility, they are closely followed. Here are some of them:

  1. Those involved in childcare wash their hands immediately after every diaper change.
  2. The areas where diapers are changed and where food is prepared are separate and are washed thoroughly after use.
  3. The toys are plenty such that each child gets her toy box. Where the toys are not so many, the caregivers rinse them off using a sanitizing solution.
  4. Utensils used should be dishwasher friendly so that they can be sanitized too. Using disposable feeding utensils is also an option to consider.
  5. Personal items such as pacifiers, washcloths, and teething rings should not be shared at any cost.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Putting a 6 Months Baby in a Day Care?

While there are several advantages associated with taking your baby to 6 month baby day care facilities, there are also some drawbacks that are associated with this practice. Before choosing how to take care of your baby while working, it is wise to know the pros and cons of baby day care facilities.

Pros of Daycare Facilities

1. Give room for social interaction

At the daycare, your baby will be without you. For the first few days, it will certainly be a very nasty ordeal that will make her cry the heart out. It will be very heartbreaking, at some point you will feel very inhuman for subjecting your baby to the torture of being away from you.

With time, you will be surprised at how fast she will get used to the environment of being around new people.

 2. Education

In most daycare facilities, they have in place a well-organized program whose purpose is to enhance your child’s growth and development.

3. Reliability

The main reason why daycare facilities are set up is to take care of children whose parents have to work. To cater for this effectively, most of them are open for up to 12 hours every day to accommodate most of the parents’ schedules.

4. Cost

The extra expenditure you would have to add to your budget on the daycare facility charges is inevitable. The happy side of the story is that the cost is far much less than that of hiring a nanny.

Cons of Daycare Facilities

1. Schedule

You may not be lucky enough to get a daycare facility that is flexible. This means that there will be so much inconvenience on your work schedule as you have to adhere to the set pick up and drop off times at the daycare facility.

2. No control

Once you take your child to the day care, you will have no control over her environment the same way you would have if you were at home with her. You still have to work, and so you will just have to convince yourself that it will be all okay and baby will be safe at the end of the day.


However absurd the idea of getting a 6 month baby daycare is, you need to try it out. Put all factors into consideration as you seek the best daycare facility which will enhance the proper growth and development of your child.

From the article, you already know the important details you should look out for. Leave a comment on the article and let us know if we have left out any important information on 6 month baby daycare facilities. In case you need to make an inquiry, feel free and I will respond as soon as I can.

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