January 28, 2018

Who else wants to know more about Jumperoo Safety?

Jumperoos, just like baby walkers are some of the very attractive items in the must-have list as we watch our little ones making numerous milestones in their lives. Their colors, as well as the assortment of toys attached to them make them quite desirable. Their benefits are also quite interesting.

A jumperoo is associated with helping your child to stand on her own safely. They seem quite cozy, but how safe are they? How safe is your child when on the jumperoo? Read on and get to learn about jumperoo safety and decide if you want it for your child or not.


What do you know about Jumperoos?

A jumperoo is more like a baby walker. The only difference is that it has elastic straps around the seat. It also has handles to support the straps. These changes are what make it a jumperoo. It is a device that children use for fun as they jump on the floor. In some places, people refer to it as a baby jumper.

It is made up of a hoop at the center which is suspended by an elastic strap. The strap makes the jumperoo flexible such that your baby can sit in the circle, stand or jump. To keep your little one occupied for a longer period of time, the jumperoo has themed toys attached to it.

There are also some alternative distractions such as music, lights and varying sounds. You can opt to get your baby a jumperoo which has either a fixed tray or most preferably, a removable one. This one will come in handy during the baby’s mealtime.

When is a Baby Ready for the Jumperoo?

At the age of 3 to 4 months, your baby can start using the jumperoo. Attaining that age does not ascertain that your little one can already use it. You need to consider her developmental milestones. Some of us have children in their fourth month, but they can barely lift their heads and support them.

Below are some other factors you need to pay close attention to before you can allow your adorable pumpkin to enjoy the jumperoo luxury.

  • Your baby should not have started climbing. An already climbing child will be at the risk of falling off the jumperoo and might even injure herself in an attempt to climb on the jumperoo.
  • Can comfortably hold her head up for up to 15 minutes without falling and does not get tired easily.
  • Weighs 25 pounds or less.
  • If her height is 30 inches or less.

Benefits Your Baby Will Attain from Using a Jumperoo

When a baby sees a jumperoo, she sees the fun bit of it. As a parent, you will be looking out for its benefits to your little one’s growth and development. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Enhances muscle development

In a jumperoo, your baby will get the chance to move her legs freely while jumping. In the long run, these exercises will strengthen your baby’s leg muscles and help them to grow well. It also strengthens the back muscles which are responsible for supporting your little one as she walks.

  • Ideal for the parent

Having an infant gives you a fulltime job of taking care of her. Once your baby has attained all the qualifications to use a jumperoo, place her there and you will go about your chores with no worry that you will have to carry little pumpkin all over.

She can stay in the jumperoo, jump all she wants and play as much as possible. You will only need to closely watch your child; just to be sure that she is comfortable and safe.

  • Stimulation of the mind

A baby jumperoo exposes your child to so many activities. There are also many toys, with different shapes and colors which will stimulate her sense of sight. While playing with the very many objects, she will develop hand coordination. Having a jumperoo with some music is also an added advantage as it will enhance your little one’s auditory senses.

Some of you may have already been convinced by these benefits of having a jumperoo to the point that you are now considering acquiring one for your baby. Well, you must really make your selection carefully to acquire the best jumperoo for your baby so that you don’t leave any rooms for regrets.

To help you make things easy, here is a detailed review of the best jumperoo to buy in 2018 that will make sure that you get it right on the first trial.

Is the Jumperoo Safe For Your Baby?

Everything has its positive side, as well as its downside. This is the same case with jumperoos. On the one hand, some parents just can’t help but talk about how a jumperoo aided their child to develop and attain numerous milestones in their growth.

On the other hand, there are also those parents who see no positivity in using a baby jumperoo. They argue that there are some risks associated with the baby jumperoo whose effects tamper with the baby’s development.

Here are some of the stipulated risks

  • If the jumperoo is poorly designed, your little one could be at risk because of the poor design of the device. The fingers may accidentally get trapped, or worse; a mechanical failure could cause your little one’s delicate head to be bumped onto objects.
  • However much parents believe that a jumperoo enables children to learn how to walk, it could delay the skill. Spending too much time in the jumper is likely to deprive your child the normal tendencies that will enable your baby to start walking. What most of us seem to forget is that jumperoos only allow the baby to jump and not to walk.
  • In the long run, your baby’s posture in the jumper which makes her to lean too much to the front hinders their ability to remain upright. This will lead to problems such as poor posture and leg control.

Safety Guidelines for Using a Jumperoo

  • A jumperoo should only be used with babies who can comfortably hold their heads up.
  • Ensure that your baby is within view. Never at any one time leave her unattended to.
  • Place your baby jumperoo on a flat and clean surface always.
  • While using a baby jumper, steer away from areas such as pools, staircases, steps and hot surfaces.
  • There are different models of jumpers. Please read the manual before you use yours to learn how to fix it and how it works before letting your little one have her fun time in it.

Final Decision

Having a baby will require you to be making the best decisions on her behalf. Your pumpkin deserves nothing but the best. Now that you know more about the baby jumperoo safety, make a firm decision on whether you want it for your child or not.

If you choose to have it as one of the items to enable your baby to grow and develop in the right way, try to observe jumperoo safety all the time to keep your baby safe from harm.

The colorful nature of the jumperoo has always attracted me, and I had already bought one for my little angel. Now that I know of the risks associated with it, I will minimize the amount of time my baby spends in it to only the time when I am attending to the chores. I will be patient enough to allow her to get tons of tummy time until she learns to walk.

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