January 12, 2018

The Best Twin Baby Carrier to Acquire for your Lovely Twins

Are you expecting twins or already bringing up twins? Congratulations on your double blessing! We can’t imagine how thrilled and excited you are right now. To ensure that your parenting is an easier one, you will need to start shopping for some items that your twins will need.

Among your shopping list should be an item that will help you move around with your twins with relative ease. At the mention of such an item that will make moving with your twins easy steps in the twin baby carrier. In the midst of all the sympathetic looks that moms and dads of twins normally get, perhaps carrying the babies is the toughest challenge you will face.

But with the best twin baby carrier, this task is made to be both enjoyable and a whole lot easier. There are even certain types that allow you to share “the load” with your partner. Better still, even when carrying the two, you still have free hands to do other stuff.

And since we recognize that you are a little occupied with raising the twins, we have prepared this buying guide on twin baby carriers. This will simplify your shopping work a little bit and ensure that you end up with the best product possible.


Things to consider before buying a twin baby carrier

If you want to make holding your twins easy as you go about your household chores, then you need to invest in the best twin baby carrier. However, finding the right one that balances comfortability, usability and your style is another task altogether.

Not any product that you buy will be able to meet these specifications. To do this, you need to check that the product has these features.

  • 1. Safety features

There is always no substitute for the safety of your two precious bundles of joy. You, therefore, need to make it a top priority. How does it wrap around you? How well does it keep the babies from falling out?

These are some of the questions the carrier has to answer first. Before buying it, it should be in an excellent condition, with no damaged or broken parts. Adequate support should, therefore, be provided in return.

For a clearer understanding of how secure the carrier is, you need to check the manufacturer's safety guarantees. Reading reviews from other buyers also helps a great deal.

  • 2. The weight specification and age of the twins

This is another definite consideration that you will have to have in mind. Baby carriers have specifications on what age brackets should be able to use them. There are some that are not meant to be used by newborns, while some cannot be used by babies of a certain age and weight.

If you want a carrier for your newborns, then a pouch or a sling could be a better choice as they make it much easier for you to nurse your children. Alternatively, you can look for a twin carrier that can be adjusted for continued use as the twins grow.

The adjusting can even be for the wearer. One day it could be you wearing it, or your partner, and even the babysitter. It needs to be usable by all these parties.

If there are minimum and maximum weight limits on the carrier, then before you buy it, ensure that the twins fall right in the specs.

  • 3. How comfortable is the carrier?

Since you will be having this with you for sometimes, the twin baby carrier should be comfortable for both the wearer and those carried. The comfort of most carriers comes from the materials used to make them and the amount of padding provided.

There are those that are made from synthetics and natural materials. These two will offer you different levels of comfort and strength, so you need to make a very wise choice. Most importantly, the carrier fabric will be in contact with you and the babies.

As the fabric rubs on you, certain materials may become very irritating to the baby and even you as well. There are even some carriers made from organic or eco-friendly materials for your materials preferences.

A lot of layering and padding may become too hot on a sunny day. Breathability will be therefore key in such situations. Additionally, a twin baby carrier that feels more snug and cuddly should be a priority.

  • 4. Your preferred twin carrying position

Each twin baby carrier will come with a different carrying position. The different positions will depend on how comfortable you are with each, and the age of the twins. There are about five different positions that you choose from; hip, outward facing, front facing, hammock, and back facing.

All these positions have their own sets of pros to both you and the babies. If the carrier is for older toddlers, they would prefer the positions that allow them to explore their surroundings. However, for newborns, positions such as a “hammock” and “front inward facing” give lots of support.

There are even carriers that can be split into two, one for mommy and the other one for daddy. This makes for a great complete family outing.

  • 5. Additional features

Besides these features, the twin baby carrier that you choose should offer additional support to the baby. Back support will be crucial to your baby, more so when he/she is asleep. The baby needs to remain well secured to your body at all times.

Hip and leg support should be provided too. Shoulder straps should be wide enough so that you do not experience too much body strain. At the same time, a 900 leg position for the baby should always be maintained by the carrier.

Best Twin Baby Carrier Reviews

For an easier decision making, we have prepared you reviews of 5 of the best twin baby carriers from around the market.

1. TwinGo Carrier - Lite Model


Made from 100% cotton, this twin baby carrier is made to be lightweight and as comfortable as possible. This super soft fabric makes those intuitive uses possible. You do not have to think twice before having it on.

For an adjustable use, the sturdy waistband is provided with 6 different configuration positions. In return, various user sizes can be comfortably accommodated, from XS to XL. Parents, family members, and even the babysitter should be able to use it.

Shoulder straps can be a little uncomfortable when you wear a carrier for extended periods. To prevent this, the 1” straps are padded with premium foam for a softer feel on your shoulders. And for durability, the straps are reinforced and it uses very durable parts (the plastic ones).

This is one of the most versatile twin carriers around the market. With it, you can choose to use it as a single child carrier, or as a double child carrier. To use this feature, you will need to buy the extra sets of straps for the second carrier. Additionally, twins or different aged children can use this carrier.


  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Economical


  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Can be used by twins or children of different sizes
  • Accessories can be bought when needed


  • Limited carrying positions
  • Some accessories have to be bought separately

2. Malishatik Twin Baby Carrier


This is another great baby carrier option for your twins. Featuring an inward facing carrying position, your twins would derive a lot of development benefits from it. This position is essential for a proper hip development and allows for an intimate relationship with you.

An ergonomic design that incorporates the use of 100% cotton for the interior provides an added amount of comfort to you and your two babies. This is essential if you are mostly non-tolerant to synthetic materials rubbing on your body and that of your twins.

If this carrier is used by different people apart from you, then you will find the adjustability of this carrier quite useful. To do this, you can adjust the fit of the waist up to 43 inches or 110 centimeters.

This carrier, can, however, have a weight rating of between 10 and 33 pounds (4.6 and 15 kg respectively) for each baby. This translates to a total maximum weight of 66 pounds or 30 kg for the dual carriage purposes.

To take care of your twin baby carrier, wash it in the delicate cycle of your washing machine. And then do not iron the straps or the plastic fittings. By following these instructions, you prolong the life service of the baby carrier.


  • Adjustable
  • 100% cotton
  • Accommodates children of 10lbs-33lbs.
  • Suitable for waist size up to 43 inches (110 cm).


  • Machine washable
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable
  • Padded straps
  • Adjustable waist size


  • Not suitable for newborns
  • Inseparable into two
  • Has weight limits

3. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier


This twin baby carrier is not only great for actually carrying twins, but also for children of different ages and sizes. This is so long as they fit within the weight limits, and if you can lift them (phew!)

With the unique separating feature, this carrier is one that will perfectly suit your carrying needs, just as its Lite counterpart. An inward facing baby carrying position and 100% cotton exterior provides a comfortable walk about with the babies.

Hip development is a key advantage of carrying the twins in an inward facing position. In this respect, this carrier has been recognized for its ergonomics in spine and hip positioning of babies. With the twins inward facing, carrying the two becomes much easier.

When you need to travel with this carrier, it seamlessly collapses into the pocket that has been provided. If each of your twins weighs between 10 and 45 pounds, then this carrier could be worth your consideration. However, with an insert, it can be used for kids as light as 7 pounds.


  • accommodates children of between 10 lbs - 45 lb
  • provides ergonomic hip and spine positioning for babies
  • Separable into two
  • Collapses into its pocket


  • Can accommodate dual weights of up to 90 pounds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Facilitates hip and spine development
  • Can be worn both at the front or the back
  • Easy to put babies into the carrier


  • Some people find the straps discomforting
  • Only inward facing direction

4. Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier


This 100% cotton twin baby carrier features an award-winning baby carrying design. Incorporated in the carrier is a wide and comfortably padded waist belt. This provides the much-needed comfort and evenly distributes the weight of the twins around you.

To make your life a lot easier, this carrier has a diaper bag fixed at the back. This has water bottle holders, a diaper compartment and a space for changing clothes. The ability to be used as a single carrier too also provides more versatility.

Provided each of your babies weighs between 10 and 35 pounds, then you can comfortably carry them around in this twin carrier.


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Insulated bottle holders
  • Diaper compartments
  • Holds children of about 10-35 pounds


  • A diaper bag is provided
  • Usable as a twin or singleton carrier
  • Wide and padded waist belt
  • Easy off and on
  • Strong stitches for safety
  • Comfortable


  • Putting it together is a challenge for some people.


Maintaining a hands-free operation while holding your twins is an added advantage for any twin parent. You are then able to do most of your chores and still, mind the babies. Moreover, fussy twins always find being carried around to be quite comforting and will, therefore, calm down.

When deciding on a twin carrier for a hassle-free twin’s upbringing, ensure you carefully consider your options. In this way, you don’t end up with a defective product. Among the 4 products that we reviewed, TwinGo Original Baby Carrier is the best twin baby carrier that we would highly recommend to be given the priority.

This is because of its ergonomic design, being able to accommodate the lightest kids of about 7 pounds, and being able to collapse into its pocket among other reasons. Have you ever used any of the twin baby carriers we discussed above to carry your twins? If yes, which one did you use and how can you describe its performance?

This is because of its ergonomic design, being able to accommodate the lightest kids of about 7 pounds, and being able to collapse into its pocket among other reasons. Have you ever used any of the twin baby carriers we discussed above to carry your twins? If yes, which one did you use and how can you describe its performance?

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