January 3, 2018

The Best Twin baby products to buy for your Twins

When you are expecting or has been blessed with twins, you should be prepared to shop for everything in doubles. Twin baby strollers, double bottles, double diapers and just double about everything else.

The extra products needed therefore makes shopping for twins extra confusing and extra overwhelming. It is a little harder than when doing it for the singletons. To add to your woes, the information out there is also a little sketchy on twin baby products.

Raising twins is a one of a kind experience for twin mommies and daddies. This stems from the fact that whatever you do to one of them has to be replicated on the other one. There are always no negotiations about it. And the unending surprises that you have to contend with from strangers and friends alike makes for a pretty rough and pleasurable ride.

To help you out and make your life more concerned about raising your double bundles of joy than figuring out what they need, we have put together this guide on twin baby products. It should make choosing these products quite easy too.


Things to consider before buying twin baby products

When it comes to shopping for twin baby products, each option should be taken through a rigorous selection process that ends up with the best. And since it is the twins who will be using them, emphasis should be only on the best in terms of style, performance, and integrity.

1. Nature of the product

Your twins will need lots of stuff for lots of different uses. Before you choose any of these products, you need to ask yourself what purpose that product will be serving and how many of it you need.

  • One set products

When you are raising twins, it is assumed that you will need doubles for everything. This is not always true. There are certain products that you will need only in single sets. Take the case of a bathtub.

You definitely do not need two of these, do you? Investing in two tubs would just be stupid since you will need to bath one baby at a time. Besides a tub, you also might need a diaper pail, nail clipper, thermometer among others in solos. Even a crib can be shared between twins.

  • Those you need in doubles

Your twins will need a lot of these as you bring them up. Products in twos always help in the prevention of cross-contamination between the twins in the unlikely event that one gets unwell. Although there are fairytales that they always get sick simultaneously (don’t believe this though)

Products like infant carriers, nasal aspirators, bouncy chairs, syringes, fever reducer bottles are products that each baby will have to use on their own.

  • Those that should be stockpiled

These are the products that you will need to have in excess around the house. These are the ones that do not need to be in doubles or in sets. There is absolutely no way of knowing whose set of diapers those are between the twins.

Diapers top this list, others are blankets, wet wipes, pacifiers, burp cloths among others. With these, you only have to buy them in bulk and forget about them. Until the supply starts to run low is when you should think of doing another shopping.

2. Safety features

Whether it is a singleton or a product to be used by twins, safety can never be compromised. You need your babies to be as safe as possible from any potential harm that may come their way. All baby products need to have some safety guarantees before you buy them.

When it comes to buying products such as Baby strollers (for twins), all the safety wizardry needs to be considered. There should be a five-point constraint that keeps the babies from falling over, tether straps and motion brakes on the strollers.

These features should be easily accessible and be usable with ease. The weight ratings should also be clearly indicated so that when your babies outgrow it, you will have planned well ahead.

Safety is not only for strollers. Even cribs and bassinets need to be foolproof. They should be sturdy enough to handle the weight of two if you decide that the babies will be crib mates. Additionally, the crib mates should not be able to chew on the crib bars when they get bored (ouch!)

When buying disposable diapers, ensure that they do not contain harmful substances in them. There are certain diapers that use the suspect chemical as absorbents, fragrances and drying agents in them. Ensure there is none of these. If possible, go organic.

3. Ability of the babies to grow with the product

This is another critical feature that you will need to have in consideration, though not all of the products will be able to achieve it. Buying some of these will cost you a lot of money, so you need to ensure that you buy the best that will grow with your babies.

There is no need of maybe changing cribs to bigger ones once your babies reach a certain age. What if you buy one that will be convertible to a bigger and roomier kid and toddler bed as the juniors grow?

Take your time to do thorough research on individual products, and if you get one that your babies will be able to grow into, the better. It may be costly to acquire, but it should be worth your while.

Twin baby products reviews

1. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack


When you are blessed with twins, you are blessed in return with a lot of twin stuff that you have to carry. You, therefore, need a place to carry all this stuff when you are on the go. The Bag Nation Diaper Bag is one such backpack.

With this backpack, bringing along all the supplies you need for your two buddies is no longer a worry for you. Fitted with 14 pockets, the creams, toys, wipes, diapers that you bring along will find somewhere to carry them.

This backpack is made such that it is compatible with your stroller. Why would you always have it on your back anyway? It hangs neatly from the stroller handle so that you can push it along too. When you decide to carry it, the padded shoulders would be easy and comfortable for you.

Other features that you would find extremely useful in this backpack include the dedicated pocket for a water bottle, a changing pad large enough, a pocket for wet wipes and an extendable keychain.


  • Perfect for both mommy and daddy
  • Phosphate free
  • Can be attached to the stroller
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Allows for hands-free operations
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Plenty of room


  • Some have experienced the strap breaking
  • Zippers are troublesome at times

2. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier


As a proud parent of two lovely twins, your biggest challenge would be moving around with your two blessings. More so to places where pushing a stroller is nearly impossible. Here is where the TwinGo Original Carrier comes in handy.

It gives you the ability to carry your twins if you can handle their weight. Better still, you can also separate the carrier into two so that both mommy and daddy can share the carrying. It is this kind of flexibility that makes your parenting more fun.

An ergonomic design allows you to carry one baby in front and the other on your back. This creates a sort of balance in the load on you which therefore leads to a lesser strain on you. Also provided are pockets of considerable sizes for diapers and other essentials.

In order to protect your babies while sleeping or offer you privacy when breastfeeding them, a sleeping hood is provided just for these purposes. These hoods can also be rolled to offer head support when they are not covering the babies.


  • Versatile as it is Separable into two
  • Has hoods for protection against the sun
  • More economical in comparison with buying two carriers
  • Sizeable pockets included
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Adjustable fit
  • Collapses into a pocket for portability


  • Has a weight limit of 45 pounds
  • Complicated to use

3. The Twin Z Pillow


You were probably wondering how you would be able to bond with your two champs as you feed them. Well, the Twin Z Pillow offers you a perfect way. It is not only for bonding. After the immense task of carrying around two humans for 9 months, your back would then be in need of support when you are seated.

Versatility is one critical feature you need from your twin baby products. This is so that you do not have lots of products that do what could be done by a single one. In this respect, this nursing pillow can be used for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy time, for support, infant reflux, as a pregnancy pillow and as a toddler pillow.

The Z shape of this pillow allows you to bond with your twins during feeding or when just relaxing on those mommy and kids hours. For ease of use and cleanliness, the cover of this pillow is removable and can be washed so that you are always on something fresh.


  • Versatile 6 in 1 usages
  • Washable covers
  • Comfortable
  • The openings are adjustable
  • Can be used with waterproof covers
  • Great for back support


  • Not great as a pregnancy pillow
  • Gets flat quickly for some users

4. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller


Would you imagine your life with twins but without a stroller? We don’t either. Most of the strollers out there are for singletons, but what if you have doubles? A Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller features two seats and hoods, perfect for your twins.

This stroller features a 30” total width. This is sufficient enough to pass through any standard doorways.  This is all while your not more than 45 pounds each twin is on board. For more comfortable rides, each seat and footrest can be independently adjusted, just as most kids love it. 

You do not have to worry about the sun as there is a canopy over each stroller mate. Moving it around is made possible by two large wheels with bearings. You will not have to struggle to maneuver it around. And when parked, you can engage the parking brakes. This provides more safety to your babies.

When mommy needs to bring along drinks, two cupholders are provided, zippered pockets can be used for keeping wallets and phones. And if you want to travel with it, simply shove it into the trunk of your car.


  • Lightweight
  • Can pass through standard doors
  • Foldable to fit into the car trunk
  • Extra pockets and cup holders are provided
  • Has parking brakes for twin’s safety
  • Independently reclinable seats
  • Has a sizeable storage space


  • Has a 90 pounds weight limit
  • Twins can only start to use it at 3 months

5. Dream on Me Crib


Sleep is very important to a baby’s overall growth and development needs. And your twins will probably spend most of their time sleeping than being with you. You, therefore, need a sturdy and versatile sleeping crib that will adapt to your babies’ sleeping needs.

The Dream on Me Crib is a versatile 7 in 1 convertible sleeping surface. If you are the parents who prefer to have your twins sleep together in a crib and not a bassinet, then this could be worth your while.

It starts as a crib, turns to a toddler bed, and then a daybed, then a twin bed (with two set up options) and lastly a full bed (with two set up options). Your babies will probably use this bed for a lifetime.

This crib/bed features four mattress support positions for the twins’ security. The more they grow, the more you lower the height so that they do not crawl out of the crib. This bed then combines a sturdy structure, quality, and good aesthetics.


  • 7 in 1 sleeping option
  • 4-point mattress heights
  • High quality
  • Considerably light
  • Safety standards compliant
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some find it too lightweight


Shopping for twin baby products is not a straightforward process. You have to wade through the tones of available options until you find the exact one that matches your needs. When doing your shopping, ensure that you choose the very best that guarantees your twins safety.

Among the five twin baby products that we just reviewed, we have decided to consider Dream on Me Crib as the top best product. This is because it has several advantages which include having 7 in 1 sleeping options, having 4- point mattress heights, being easy to assemble among other advantages. Have you ever bought any of the products that we have reviewed above?

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