February 22, 2018

What’s the Best Organic Baby Formula? A Quest to Get the Best

Breastfeeding is one of the very important services that a mother has to offer her baby. At times due to unavoidable circumstances, a mother may be forced to choose not to breastfeed her little pumpkin. If this is your typical case, then you will have to feed your baby on infant formula.

Such formula should be perfect for your baby in that it should provide her with all the requisite nutrients to enhance proper growth and development. Currently on the market, there are very many brands of organic baby formulas and navigating the formula varieties becomes harder than you probably expected. This is where we thought our help would be needed the most.

We have taken the initiative to give an overview of what’s the best organic baby formula for your baby and what you should look out for when buying one. Keep reading and get to know the tricks needed to get the best formula for your baby.


What’s the Best Organic Baby Formula?

In my opinion, I would term the German baby formula as the best organic baby formula to be used as an alternative to breast milk. German baby formula is taking the world by storm, and most mothers are running up and down to get it for their babies.

It, however, seems like less is known about this baby formula. So, who else wants to know more about German Baby Formula? There are brands such as HiPP European Baby Formula and Holle European Baby Formula which are the most reliable.

The manufacturers of these brands of infant formula steer away from any substances which may cause your little one harm. Listed below are some of the ingredients you will find in the best organic baby formula for your infant.

Ingredients of non-toxic baby formula

Before you purchase any product, you must have spent quite some time reading through the ingredients. When purchasing infant formula for your baby, do not leave out this shopping step. There are those chemicals and ingredients which will assure you that the baby formula you have at hand is non-toxic. Here they are:

  • Fish and vegetable oils

Fish and vegetable oils provide your child with very essential nutrients. The best bit about them is that you will not be risking your baby’s health since they are not toxic. The most common vegetable oils used in infant formulas are sunflower oil and safflower oil.

  • Organic milk

Most baby formulas which are non-toxic contain organic milk as one of the key ingredients. If your kid has a known allergy, you will have to rely on soy formula. The fact is that it will not be as good as that with cow milk from which most babies prefer. The best organic milk for infant formula is that from cows which have been brought up in farms which are biodynamic.

  • Lactose

If you want your baby to yearn for the formula and have it bottle after bottle, a sweetener will be ideal. In this case, organic baby formula with lactose sweetener is the most recommended. This is because it is good for your baby’s health.

t also provides a sweetness that is very similar to that of breastmilk. Lactose is a sweetener just like the other artificial sugars, just that it is safe for your baby’s health.

  • Organic whey protein

Organic whey protein is far much better and healthier than synthetic proteins. It is also easily digestible by your baby’s delicate digestive system. This is why manufacturers of non-toxic baby formulas include organic whey protein into infant baby milk.

Toxic Ingredients to Steer Away from in Infant Formula

  • Synthetic nutrients and preservatives

There is a federal law that states that any synthetic ingredient should not be added to any organic product. This should strictly remain to be the case unless the National Organic Standards Board(NOSB) approves and recommends it.

In this case, there are two specific synthetic preservatives which have been banned from being used in organic infant formula. The ingredients are beta-carotene and ascorbyl palmitate.

  • Palm oil

It had earlier been stated in this article that vegetable oils should be included in the organic baby formula. You need to note that palm oil is an exception. The digestive system of babies is not well developed to properly absorb palmitic acid obtained from palm oil.

The bits of unabsorbed palmitic acid will then react with calcium which is in the baby’s gut, and this leads to the formation of soaps. The “soaps” clog in the baby’s intestines thus preventing proper growth and development.

The clogging act affects the strengthening of bones as the calcium which is consumed barely gets to the bones upon clogging. It also makes your little angel to suffer when passing stool which hardens up.

  • Processed refined sugars

Feeding your baby on a formula that is sweet is not wrong. You only need to be keen about the sugars which have been used as sweeteners in your baby’s formula. All formula manufacturers are always seeking sweeteners whose taste will match that of breastmilk.

Lactose is the best and healthiest infant sweetener, but most manufacturers avoid it as it is the most expensive form of sweetener. They do this in a bid to reduce the production cost and increase their profits.

Look out for Certifications

Infants have very delicate digestive systems, and it is highly recommended to get them foods that have met certain standards. To know whether the baby formulass have met the required standards, they must have earned certification.

Here are some of the certifications you must look out for: organic certification which is administered by the USDA, non-GMO certification and gluten-free certification. If you find a brand of organic baby formula which has had all these certifications, know that you have the infant formula for your toddler.

Wrapping up

There you have it on what’s the best organic baby formula. If all along you have been in a dilemma trying to know what the best organic baby formula is, I hope that you now have it all clear. With the stated guidelines, you can easily choose the best organic baby formula.

Try out the German brands of infant formulas as they have regulations set by the European Union organic standards to ban the use of toxic ingredients in the infant formula.

Tell us what your experiences are with the various brands of organic baby formula and your chosen best. Do not forget to tell us the reason why you term it as the best. Also, if you have a question, feel free to inform us about your question.

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